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a week in review


Creating braids in church. 

I am sure going to miss this view! I mean, does it get any better? 

This week was a busy one indeed. I got sick right when i was supposed to help pack and move my house. Yesterday we moved everything we had in our house and last night because my bed was in the storage, I stayed with luke and rachel in that cute bed in the first picture up there. Moving is crazy and i never realized how much stuff i had until i tried to fit it all in one place!! man oh man that was a problem. But we did it, now all we have to do is clean. But i am so glad it is friday!
Tonight Taylor is taking me on a surprise date... um i am so excited. All i was told is to wear something nice. Tomorrow we are going to a drive in movie as well. He is too good to me! Those are my exciting plans for the weekend! Hope you all have a good one :) 

fruit prints


pomegranate print
pineapple pattern
pineapple print

I am kind of obsessed with these prints. I mean, how great of a screen savor, or an actual framed print. They are so bright and fun and remind me of Hawaii... ahh yeah. Hawaii. I'll be there in 15 days!!

Last Night at Vinto

Last night we had a little family gathering at Vinto. Let me tell you guys, Vinto is the best. They even have gluten free pizza which puts me in heaven. I know that I have posted about Vinto before, but you guys need to get your little behinds into this restaurant. You will not regret it. Also, I am kind of in love with this rain. Because I have had a lazy and sick day, the rain just makes cuddling up in my bed all the more enjoyable.
Man oh man i love where i live. Park City always feels like a vacation, especially when we go out on the town. My parents just bought some property here in Park City so we are building a house come September. I am moving into a little condo for the time being. This will be like my fifth time moving this year, it will be 6 times in the fall when I go to Utah State in the fall!
I hope that you have all had a nice week so far! Thanks for reading.

sidewalk music

I don't have much to say today, other than this adorable picture of two adorable little girls that had their violin case open with a little sign that said 'tips' on it. My heart melted. We stopped and asked them to play us a couple songs and they were really good! I did bake sales and things when i was a little girl, but these girls took making money to the next level. I'm impressed.
I hope that you all have been enjoying your long weekend! I love long weekends. Like a lot. xx

The first time we met

Today I came across these pictures of Taylor and I on our very first date. Not only that, but this was the very first time that I had ever met him. We went to the Real Salt Lake game with Jaime, Rachel and Luke. Tay and I didn't start dating until 4 months after this, but i still think that they are pretty cute ;) This was exactly 11 months ago and I think that Taylor looks so much older now. He said I look young in these pictures too, but I can't ever tell!
I started working for my dad this week, going door to door selling Landscape lighting and let me tell you what, my legs hurt from walking so dang much! But it's good and it will defs pay off. no pun. (I mean toned legs and money, see what I did there?)
Thanks for reading. xx


 My favorite place to eat in Park City. Especially on Taco Tuesday. Dinner and a live ban.
 It doesn't get much better.

a little golf date. 
 My favorite snack as of late. Rice cake, almond butter, banana, and cinnamon. 
These last two pictures are my gorgeous view in Park City. I'm pretty lucky!

The Great Gatsby

Ok i'm obsessed. I am in love with the whole story line, Gatsby, the music and the dresses. Seriously. The Great Gatsby is so glam and I love it. Get the soundtrack if you havne't already. I know it's been out a week already, but I can't wait to see it again!

Over the weekend

Today was my one of my very best friends farewell. She is going to Orlando Florida in two weeks and i am so happy for her. I knew she was going to be an amazing missionary, but her farewell just added to my confidence of that! She did such an amazing job and I am lucky to have an example like her in my life. I love you Zoë! (She's the red head)
This is at Zoë's house near Sundance.. what can i say? I love the mountains. 
 how cool are these lanterns in the Aspen trees? 
I hope that everyone had a productive weekend. My weekend so far has consisted of packing up our house, babysitting, and being with people that i love so much! Thanks for reading. xx

Date Night

 Last night Tay and I decided to explore Park City. We took the funicular (it's like a gondola, but cooler) up to the St. Regis Hotel and walked around. Oh the perks of living near several five star hotels. I felt a little under dressed wearing Tay's poncho while everyone walking around the hotel was wearing  expensive designer clothes. It was fun to go up there and walk around and pretend like we were guests. Check out his mustache...
^The 'Stache'...^

on the funicular

^"Try to hold your eyes open for a long time"^
Hope you are all having a great weekend so far! Thanks for reading :)

Chocolate Factory

Well it was another baking day at the lyons' house, sometimes Rachel and I go on these baking crazes where we will bake a ton of treats in one day, then not bake anything for like months. Today we chose to bake Rocky Road Cookies that were divine, Peppermint Patties, and Almond Joys. It was basically a chocolate factory at our house. Luckily we have friends to share it all with! I really think you should try these recipes, but if you were to pick just one, i would definitely recommend the cookies. They were honestly like heaven in a cookie and would be the perfect "that time of month" cookie. Oh and side note, all of these treats are GLUTEN FREE, but by no means healthy... ;)

Here are the links to all of the recipes we used. Thank you Pinterest!

And of course, a few pictures...
Thanks Rach for baking with me all day! And thank you all for reading. Enjoy!
xx, Kar

Happy Mother's Day!

One of my favorite traditions that my family has is going out for Brunch. Today we went to Cisero's on Main Street to celebrate our wonderful mother. There is something about spending sunday with my family. I seriously love them all so much and although we missed Jaime, we had a pretty good time talking and eating. What more could you ask for ;) I love my mom. She is amazing and does so much. I have no idea how she does it, but she does somehow and i really look up to her for that. She is so beautiful.
Side note, I saw Sydney from the The Daybook Blog looking cute as ever today on main street in Park City. Didn't say anything, but she is a doll.
I can't even tell you all how much I love Park City. Like seriously. This is my home. I am so lucky to live here in this place that feels like a vacation all of the time. There are so many tourists that it feels like i am the one traveling and I love it! Park City rocks.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you mamas out there. Thanks for all you do!
xx karli

oh ps... don't be fooled, i didn't eat the french toast in that pic. no matter how delicious it looked. No gluten for kar kar:(

Because rain and blossoms make me happy.


Something about rain just makes me happy. Maybe the fact that it is rain and not snow... I don't know, but whatever it is mixed with blossoms makes me so happy and grateful. If you're reading this Dayna, your yard is beautiful :) I love your trees and flowers! They make me very happy. Especially since Park City is still brown and bare.
I am so excited to see The Great Gatsby this friday, like i haven't been excited to see a movie in a long time and i am really looking forward to it.
It's the middle of the week, no stress baby.

I think i'm really good at making s'mores

But then again... maybe i'm not. 
Oh yeah, and i'm done with my first semester of college! And it feels so good. Let me tell ya. So looking forward to a summer of adventures! Thanks for reading! xx

Ironman St. George

If you follow here on vine or twitter, or instagram I would have been blowing up your newsfeed on saturday because my mom did a half ironman. She and my dad have both done a full ironman, but St. George only does a half. A half ironman consists of a swim of 1.2 miles, a 56 mile bike ride and a half marathon or 13 mile run. That is a total of 70.2 miles. My mom is training for a full ironman which is doubled all of those events. 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a full marathon. 140.6 miles. I can't even wrap my brain around it! I am signing up for my first triathlon in september and luckily it is only 1/8 the distance. My parents amaze me. There were so many times during the race yesterday where i was near tears because of some peoples endurance. Someday that will be me. So looking forward to Ironman Coeur d'alene June 24!
So proud of you mom!
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