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Devan Rae Photography

We had a sister photoshoot with Devan Rae Photography a few weeks ago and I love the way her photos turned out!
Here are a few of the cute pictures she took.

Just a few pics :)

Here is a litle bit of what has been going on here at the cabin!

Playing some innocent card games at the beach :)

Jaime turned 21!
Happy Birthday my sister!
We had a Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri Bar..
 Virgin of course :)

My favorite sound in the whole world is the train here that is right across the lake.

We went on a sunday walk around this pretty lake today.

I hope you are all having an amazing summer! I sure am!
I will try to keep you up on what is going on here at the lake,
 but there is just so much to do here that sometimes I forget to Blog!

xoxo, kar

Happy 4th of July!


Rachel made these 50 cupcakes last night. Amazing hey?

These are the kinds of floats you find in a parade at Sandpoint.
What is that? A van and boat glued together? Who knows.

 My awesome aunt Liv and her baby chillin at City Beach.

The City Beach in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Yes we stopped at a taco truck for lunch as well.

Things are always spontaneous and fun here at the lake on the 4th.
Hope you all have had a great 4th of July celebration today!

Pennies on the train tracks


We accomplished #3 on my summer list that I made here.
 Putting pennies on the track and waiting for the train!

The boys are back in town

My two best friends came to the lake for the past week. We had some crazy adventures like getting stuck out on the boat when it was dark, going on super scary roller coasters and meeting some very interesting people, but the boys were superstars up here. Everywhere we went, someone asked to take a picture with them or asked them to play basketball. We had an adventurous week :)
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