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why hello, snow.

Yeah yeah its all over instagram, Facebook, twitter, whatever. Its all over my blog too! What is with this snow? I love it and am not complaining... although I do miss living at home when my dad would wake up early and turn my car on and scrape my windows in the freezing cold. Good Man.

A Fashion Fundraiser


Last night I was in a fashion show for Park City Women's Business Network. It was a live auction and show. It was a great night of hair and make up. I am all about voluptuous hair. oh yeah. I am glad I got to volunteer and rock a Rachel Zoe outfit!

Hope you like the new look! Bronwen is going to give this blog a little love... so check back soon!

Trends I Love

A Bow Tied Scarf
faux fur Parka via asos
 fall hat via Madewell

Graphic Tee via Forever 21

this guy right here

 Yesterday was this guys birthday and I just wanted to give him a little birthday shout out!
 Jake and I have been best friends since 7th grade when he moved into the house right across the street from me. I remember the first day of seventh grade and how thankful I was that Jake was there to help me open my locker.
Jake is that kind of guy. The most kind and helpful person in the whole world.
This guy is amazing and I love him and wish him all the best of luck on his mission! The people of Chile will love him and I know it.
Happy 19th birthday to an amazing person.

Happy Birthday Laura Girl


Happy birthday to this girl right here. She is hilarious. Literally cracks me up on a daily basis. She is so Indie and beautiful. She has so many friends and has great style. I am jelly. I love you Laura-tab!!! Happy 16th my love!
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