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Meet My Nephew

Today I got to take pictures of my nephew William. I kind of love him so much. Thanks for reading! xo

Long time coming


Lets just say I haven't blogged about it because it is a touchy subject. He is gone for two years, but he is so amazing and I can't wait to see what he has in store. This man is my best friend. Sometimes I don't think it is fair that he had to go, but then I remember how blessed he will be and how he will bless the lives of so many others. I can't be selfish, but I really really really want to be. I miss him and how we would eat Chipotle whenever we could, when we would argue over who loves the other person more, when he would fake propose to me whenever we were in public and people would cheer and take pictures, when we danced to Wake Me Up in his cool car, or One Direction for that matter, when we would go to movies and all I wanted to do was kiss him but he would just say "shh I am trying to watch the movie" (he takes his movies seriously, all of my questions about what is going on bother him) sometimes I would do it just to bug him. is that bad? When I would be on instagram and he would take my phone and throw it across the room, but two minutes later he would be watching vines on youtube and I would shut the computer and be mad that he wasn't paying all of his attention to me. When he is in his church clothes... omg. When I would wrestle him but he would put on arm on me and pin me down. I love his muscles. How he HATED photo shoots or taking any pictures for that matter and then he started saying "i'll do it for you" and then I made him take this really cheesy photo shoot with me right before he left. When he would go shopping with me and just hold my clothes and tell me what looked good and what didn't. How he loves me, and oh, how i love him.
And THAT right there people is why I was feeling so selfish as to let him go, but I am so proud of him. I love him and I know he loves the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I do too. Missions are so bittersweet, but I can't wait to support him and write him and send him packages. He is my best friend and after week one, it is hard to imagine that I have 103 weeks left, but I will stay positive. I love you Elder Brand!
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