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My little Laura went to homecoming last night.

How Stunning is my little sister Laura? She went to homecoming last night and my mom and I had so  much fun getting her ready. Now if only I had a reason to dress up... nahhhh.  I love you, you beautiful tropical fish. xoxo

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Hello Darlings.


How gorgeous is my sister and her newborn son? I love the way these pictures turned out. I am sorry I have been far from the blog these last few weeks. I am so busy and I feel like I can't even keep up. It is definitely a good thing, but I am the type of person that like my down time as well so this business is just different for me.
I have found my passion. It is all things art and design. I love making films, drawing, taking pictures, working on graphic desing projects, writing on envelopes and much more. I just can't seem to get enough. I feel like all of my time and energy goes into making my art projects perfect that I forget that I have other important classes that need my time and attention as well! It is a hard life. No it really isn't. Even though it has been a discouraging week, I count my blessing and they out number the sad or hard things.
I hope that everyone is having a successful week, Even if you do feel like you are buried beneath hours and hours of homework. (like me) I don't know if that is uplifting or not? It was supposed to be... Anyway, thank you for reading. Love you guys.


Today I miss...

Today I made a video about the boy that I miss. So click HERE to watch it :) Thanks for reading!

Baby shower with friends


A Wedding


On friday we went to our very close friend Rachel's wedding. She was a beautiful bride and it was a beautiful wedding.

Wedding Inspiration

I am the new social media person for Brite Nites (my dads company) . I run all of their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. I was looking for images on my dads computer a while back and i found this beautiful job that he did. How amazing are these lights and lanterns? I am so lucky he is my dad because I WILL have this look at my wedding. It is amazing. Crossing my fingers I can have an outdoor wedding.

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I am not kidding. He has the coolest job. Check it out!
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