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Happy Thanksgiving!

Grandma Getting drunk on Martinellis ;)

We just had our first Thanksgiving in my parents new house in Park City. It has been such a good Holiday!! The only bummer thing is that Taylor is in California and couldn't be my date to dinner :( But... We woke up early and did our annual workout at the Gym that kicked my butt, then we headed home and helped with dinner. The rest of our day was spent relaxing and eating. What a wonderful holiday and so much to be thankful for!! 

*** All Photos by Annie Visuals

My Favorite Things


From left to right: 
Latisse: I recently had fake eye lashes and they didn't go over so well for me. They made most of my eyelashes break off, so I made an investment in Latisse. I have used Latisse before and it always amazes me how amazing it works!!! My eyelashes go above my eyebrows and I love it. I also use it on my eyebrows because mine need some assistance. 

BiorĂ© Strips: This is my latest thing... I have seen them around a ton but never tried them until a few weeks ago! They are the best things and make my pores feel much better. Taylor and I do them together hehe... 

MAC Pink Plaid: Favorite color!!! 

Diamond Dazzle Stick: best ring cleaner and I can take it anywhere I go! It always makes my ring look brand new and like the day I got it!! 

Alba Scrub: I bought this product at natural grocers a couple months ago, and i absolutely love it! It is all natural ingredients and it leaves my skin feeling SOOOO smooth!!! Great for pre wedding preparation!! 

This picture is just a few more of my favorite things :) 
Notebook // Kate Spade Glasses // MAC Lipsticks // Fragrance

Bridal Shower


On Saturday I had my Bridal Shower and it was just so beautiful! The home that it was in had all marble counters and that amazing black and white marble checkered floor that you see up there. The pink peonies were a perfect touch! I felt so spoiled and lucky! Now I have to learn how to bake... hehehe! 
I just moved into my new apartment and Taylor will move in when we are married in January. I am loving my new place and loving all of the space. I hope you all had a great weekend!! 

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