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twenty two


I had such a special birthday yesterday. I like being 22 so far!! Tay spoiled me and bought me a very pretty present. Lola and Tay took me to a yummy restaurant in Logan called Le Nonne. It was so good! After that we went home and had a Gluten Free confetti cake, and then hot tubbed and went to bed! It was such a good day! Oh and I died my hair white/ purple and I love it!!!! Thank you for reading :) xoxo

Honeymoon video!!


You can see my other videos here on Vimeo!!

Diamond Tote


Today I want to share with you the cutest online shop. I fell in love with my diamond tote as soon as I saw it!! Krysta the designer has so many things that just speak to me... Like diamonds and marble!! It does not get any better!! See for yourself!

Iphone photos

Running last minute errands a few days before our wedding!
Pre rehearsal dinner selfie at the Grand America.
Pretty sunset from our flight home from CancĂșn. 
We were so lucky and got to fly first class... I had never done it before so it was extra special!! Here is airplane food that I couldn't really eat cuz I felt sick, but still had to take a pic of my first class meal ;)

Hope you all had a great weekend!! Thank you for reading! 

dress: Anthropologie // watch: Michael Kors (Taylors)



We stayed at the Grand America the night of our wedding, and woke up early the next day to catch a flight to Cancun!
Our hotel room in Mexico had a hot tub in it!
We went to Chitzen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world! It was so amazing!
Infinity Pools and endless pina coladas.
Our honeymoon was so warm and relaxing!! I wish I was still sitting on the beach sipping Pina coladas and eating at the all you can eat buffet everyday. Back to school and work and loving being married!! 

Wedding day and reception video!

Wedding Day video is here!! Thanks to Trevor Lott at Lott Weddings!

First Look Video


Along with our bridals we did with Michelle, I had Trevor Lott do our first look video! He was so amazing to work with. He drove an hour and a half two times to do our video for our first look and our wedding day!! (wedding day video coming tomorrow). If you are getting married and looking for a videographer... TREVOR LOTT is your guy!!

Bridals by Michelle White


Michelle White did our Bridal photos and I am completely in love. I am loving being married! Back from our honeymoon and back to reality! 

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