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Workout Weekend


This weekend was so nice. I had work off saturday and sunday, so saturday morning I went with my family to do a kick as$ workout. We do what we call the "stair workout". It is on main street in PC. The workout includes running up the stair cases, then walking in between until we get to the next set of stairs. It is so hard, but I would rather do hill sprints then run 4 miles. So it is kind of what I enjoy in a workout. Also, the leaves here are already turning! They are so pretty.
Last night was a good friends wedding so I went with my mom and sisters, it is always such a good time to see all of the girls that I grew up with. We are always so excited to see each other when we get together and I love it. I hate admitting it, but going to all of these weddings is making me excited for my own. (who knows when that will be).
Thank you for reading, Enjoy your holiday!

ps. I updated my ABOUT page. 


I am loving VSCO grid!! You can find my grid HERE. Hope you all had a fun weekend :)

Silver Antlers


Some pics from the past few days. I am a nanny for two boys and they just added another little brother into the mix. He is so sweet. I can't wait to shoot his newborns tomorrow!! He is such a good little baby. As for the antlers that I have, um they were a must have when I found them!!! They are the perfect little jewelry holder and little decoration. I love anything antlers so I died when I found them. Thanks for reading!

Also, today my image was featured on VSCO GRID, and I was so excited!! It is a picture I took in Switzerland after staying a few days in St. Bernards Monstary. You can see the pic HERE, and my VSCO HERE.

MK+camo+freckles+mexican food


Things on my brain:
-I figured out that Tay reminds me of a mix of Andy Dwyer off of Parks and Rec, and Chuck Bass. Idk how that is possible, but it is what it is. (obsessed)
-I love Tay
-I love MK
-I love watching AJ skate
-I love snap backs
-I love SF
-I love my new camo bag
-I am craving chips and salsa. (finally I can eat corn again)
-I love this fall weather
-I didn't realize I had freckles till I saw the first pic

Three Words

I was asked to write down the three things that are most important to me in my life right now, and these are the three that I came up with. I made this image to remind myself what it is that I strive for in life. I am about to go give a talk in sacrament meeting and I am actually excited!!! I hope you all have a nice sunday :)

Happy week for me.


Today at the Aquarium in Draper.^^^
Last week at the Museum of Natural History
Hiking PC Hill
New J Crew pants. While the boys were at swimming lessons^^^

I have had one of the most fun weeks/ weekends in a long time! Seriously. It is making me so happy. I feel so lucky to have the ward that I do. We do so many fun activities through out the week! Here are some random pictures from my week thus far :) 

I love the weekend.

Please pardon the selfies. This weekend has been a great one. Last night I went to a Demolition Derby. It was so fun! I was a little scared for the drivers, but it was a great night for sure. The night before I went with friends to the Park City Arts Festival then to my favorite restaurant on Main Street, VINTO. It is funny the difference having friends in your life makes. I am really liking this new social life of mine.
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