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As a graphic designer, there is no time for lack of inspiration. Sometimes I really am just not feeling the good vibes of inspo flowing. The other day when I was sitting there with designers block, I started thinking how it was that I, Karli, get inspired. These are the things I realized I was inspired by. And these ideas truly work for me and are things that I do (some of them) on a daily basis. 

1. Listen to good/new music.
For me, when I am sitting at the computer for hours at a time, I need the music to keep me going. These are a couple of songs I am loving right now. 

2. Get Ready!
As much as I LOVEEEEE wearing my workout clothes, I never feel as good as when I actually take a few minutes to get ready and do my hair and make up. It always makes me feel good and helps me get out of a rut. 

This is is pretty much the most important when seeking inspo. You don't have to go all the way to Europe to achieve this either. These are some places you can go to feel inspired that are  
  • Museums
  • Buildings with cool architecture
  • Shopping
  • Visiting a new city

4. Get outside and workout!
Or get to the gym. Whichever you prefer. Sometimes if I sit and stare at a computer for too long I lose total creative ability. That is when I legit get up and leave class to go to the gym. I can't wait until it warms up so I can do my workouts outside. I love being outside and go a little crazy if I haven't had fresh air in a while. I NEED MY DAILY WORKOUT!

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I got so incredibly sick of my blonde hair. Last April I died my hair red. I mean red red. I never thought that I would have the guts to do it, but I did and I absolutely loved it. I am currently in the process of going back blonde because now i miss it terribly, but luckily its just hair and we can change it whenever we want! If you are looking for someone to tell you its ok to dye your hair or chop it off, I am your girl. I am a total supporter of change. If you don't like something, aren't happy with something or whatever it may be CHANGE IT!! You are in control. 

6. Lastly, find that person that makes you feel happy and inspired.
Knowing that Taylor is out there working so hard as a missionary, he always makes me want to be better. A better designer, friend, Mormon Etc. I love him so much for it. I know he is growing so much and I want to be growing with him so when we get back together we are the same people just better. As well as having that person who inspires you, surround yourself with other creative individuals. I have loved being able to work with so many people that truly inspire me and make me believe that I can do whatever I put my mind to. 




 This weekend was such a blast. My beautiful friend Lauren married her missionary and the wedding was perfect!!! She looked beautiful and they are the cutest couple. After the wedding, I went to 180 Tacos with my other bff ZoĆ«. I am a sucker for any type of mexican food. And honestly these tacos were pretty freaking yummy. I am envious that all you Provo peeps get to experience these tacos more than I do. But just eat an extra one for me. On Saturday I went skiing at Deer Valley with my dad and sister AJ.  You'd think that since I live (lol even though I go to USU I am basically home most weekends) in Park City I would have been skiing by now. But nope!! Saturday was the first day of the season and I honestly loved it. I miss skiing.  Although, my ankles are totally bruised from my ski boots. I have princess ankles, I am working on it. I remember when I lived near Sundance, we would go skiing then have a pizza and movie party at home. That is exactly what we did. We are re living the glory days!! We went home and made home made pizzas and watched a movie. On sunday we had a yummy sunday dinner. For some reason Sundays are the days I break down and can't stop crying. Gosh what is wrong with me. It's a little crazy. I will spear you the details but I am just going to give a SO to my mama who is so patient with me and listens to me and tells me I am a little crazy and brings me back to earth. Thanks VAL! I love you!
Lastly, that little bundle of yellow geometric-ness was a project I made for my 3D design class. Can I get a what what for making it into the display case? LOL. Obsessed with all things geometric right now. Truly can't get enough.
Well I guess I should probs do that stuff I gotta do now. I am totally procrastinating sitting here in the design lab blogging when I should be designing. #OOPS.
Arrivederci for now!


Magazine cover for my type and image class. ^
Today was a happy day. And those haven't been coming around for me as often as I would like. I am going to give you a play by play, mostly so I can remember the simple events that made me so incredibly content today:

8:00 am Woke up {late} I ate coconut yogurt for breaky.
8:30 Type, Image and Continuity class. We discussed an upcoming project with Red Bull
11:00 Gym. I just got a new gym membership at Sports Academy, so I am loving my workouts lately. I am getting a trainer next week too... Which I am stoked about!
12:00 pm Lunch. Eggs and Turkey Bacon {DELISH}
1:00 History of Graphic Design {making a spread about an alcoholic Artist}
4:00 Natural Grocers (I make daily stops here to buy a Kombucha and my favorite three ingredient treat. Peppermint, dark chocolate and honey. York Mints are my favorite treat so when I found these little pieces of healthy heaven, I almost cried.)
5:00 Baking, I made delicious Home made Granola. Thats what I ate for din because it tasted amazing. And I haven't been feeling 100% so it seemed to be a good option.
6:00 Back to school to finish the spread.
8:00 Hobby Lobby to buy poster board and paint for a special project.
9-10:40 Creating things to my hearts content with paint and paper. 
11:00 Blogging then Bed!

Today was my perfect day. As crazy as that sounds. I am so thankful. I am finally realizing the simple pleasures of life that I never stop to ponder or be thankful for. One thing that has helped me is less social media. Mostly Instagram. I am going to do a lot less posting on my Insta, and more posting on my blog. I have realized I am way to dependent on my phone and I have felt free since I deleted instagram and twitter off my phone. My rule is that I can check them when I am on my computer, but I can't download it onto my phone for a while. I have felt so much happier and I have been SO MUCH MORE productive without it. Hopefully I can stay off of it for a while. 

My life is simple, but I am so blessed. I am trying to remember that when times get hard or sad. Take a moment to do service today. I promise it will make you happy!!! 


From my valentine ^
New Kitchen!
Galentine's Day party!
Temple day, we didn't know it was closed until we got there. OOPS!

My Bff Sara came home from her mission this week. I was so excited!!! I absolutely love her. Also, I love Valentines Day. I love pretty flowers and I love love. I hope you all had a great Valentines Day weekend!!

T&K 2


T&K 2 from Karli on Vimeo.

Sometimes I like to be secretive when it comes to Taylor (on social media) you wouldn't believe that if you have heard me talk about him because it's pretty much 24/7, but I couldn't decide whether or not to post this video. We have a little iflip that we send back and forth, and honestly it is those videos that keep us so close! I feel like I still know him and his funny mannerisms because I have tons and tons of new videos of him that he sends me. They make my heart happy. Here is a small portion of the videos. Enjoy! (don't mind the cheesiness... He is in the "Cheese State" after all Wisconsin...) hehehe. 



Ok so can I just say that I am obsessed with marble everything? I found this marble case and I was absolutely obsessed with it. I have been wanting the 15" mac book, but can't afford it right now! So I bought this $30 case to make my laptop look cool. I love the design life. 


{I was obsessed with the decor at the Young's house, especially the light}

{Yummy Crepe Bar}

{The Bride-To-Be}

Last night was my pretty friend Lauren's bridal shower. My friend Heather and I planned it. We had cute games and a yummy Crepe bar. I was dying over the decorations at the house we had it at. I was seriously inspired and ready to put a down payment on my own house ;) I sure can't wait to own my own house to decorate it however I want! I am so happy for Lauren!!! I can't wait for the wedding! 

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