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The long drive is worth it.


I am finally here! The 12 hour drive was so worth it. Good news, I don't need surgery! It has been a good 2 days :)

Dinner and a live band.

Cute pizza place in Heber.

You can't really tell, but that is a live band back there :)

 Lately, one of my favorite things to do is sit outside at a restaurant and listen to a live band. We have gone to two of these in the past week. We went to a pizza place in Heber City which had some of the best pizza ever. They had an amazing live band that played some classic old songs. We were sitting right next to them and making song requests the whole time. We did not want to leave. We requested some Fleetwood Mac and ever since they played it, I have been on a Fleetwood Mac craze.

We also went to Windy Ridge in Park City the other night for my moms birthday which is a cozy restaurant that also had a live band. They played some Corinne Bailey Rae and some Train. The atmosphere there is just awesome. I have become obsessed and I hope to find more places in Idaho that do the same thing!

p.s. I dislocated my poor knee and will not be able to do as many things as i hoped this summer. I had an MRI today and I will find out tomorrow if i need surgery or not. I am hoping for the best!

Summer List

I am a huge fan of making lists so here is my list of things to accomplish before the end of my wonderful vacation in Cocolalla.

1. Learn how to take a fish off a hook

2. Have a Harry Potter marathon

3. Put pennies on the train tracks

4. Find the good antique shops in northern Idaho

5. Something that I can't say...

6. Do the Long Bridge Swim in August. (1.75 miles)

7. Meet Viggo Mortensen (He owns an art gallery 20 minutes from our cabin.)

8. Sunday Brunch at a restaurant right on the lake

9. Find a bit of inspiration among the northern Idaho folk :)

10. Rent Tandon bikes and ride around the City Beach

Did you see this?!


Wow. I saw this picture today and I got the chills. This picture was taking when everyone around them was rioting after the loss of the
Canadian Hockey team, the Canucks, to the Boston Bruins. I absolutely think this is amazing. How romantic is it that everyone around them is rioting and they are just stuck in the moment. WOW. I love it.

I have always been so into the cheesy kind of love. I guess that when you grow up with all sisters, that is what happens. We always watch chick flicks and by the end we are all in tears. Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightly version) is an all time favorite amongst me and my sisters. Another one of my favorite movies is the Last Song. I can't help but cry my little eyes out every time i watch it. It is so amazing. ( there is bad acting in some parts but you learn to love it anyway :) When it first came out, me and my younger sister Lola watched it no joke, 3 times a day for a week. I also sometimes think that Taylor Swift speaks to me when she sings. Do you any of you ever feel like a song was written just for you? I love it when that happens. I LOVE LOVE!!!! :)

Happy Fathers Day!!

He is an Ironman too!

Happy Fathers day to the greatest daddy in the world. I absolutely love you dad!
 Thanks for all you have done for me.

This Lovely Place


Exactly one week from today, I will be headed to my favorite place on earth. Cocolalla Lake. I don't think I have ever been more excited to go to the cabin. I think it was february when i started thinking about it. I am so lucky to be able to spend all of my summer, every summer in Sandpoint. Cocolalla here we COME!

It's a photoshoot every where we go!


We went to dinner at Sundance's Foundry Grill tonight.
 It was our last night as a mother-less family (althought Rach has done a great job filling in for her for the past week.)
 until she comes home from Europe tomorrow. Can't wait to see her!

p.s. is anyone else besides me obsessing over the song If I Die Young by The Band Perry? Sooo GOOD!!

little things that make me happy :)


The sound of the train across the lake at Cocolalla. (my cabin)

The smell of the sample perfumes when you
 turn the pages of your magazine

Summer time :)

A good Chick Flick

Walks on a nice day

Aquaphor (I might be addicted)

Antique shopping

Cute lamposts

Sunsets, stars, and clouds

Deep and long Conversations

These are some pictures from our sunday walk today.
What makes you happy?

rachel's graduation day.

 June 3, 2011

Orem High Class of 2011

My cute sister is all done high school.

After party at La Jolla Groves

People say we look like twins?

I will miss you in my school Rach baby :(  BYU-I better be prepared for your awesome personality!!!

Alice in Wonderland.

For my honors English class, we were assigned a creative novel project and we had to read a book from the AP reading list. I read the book Alice in Wonderland. We had to do a presentation for our class and i decided that since the book is so creative and interesting, I would make a collage. I went through about 30 Vogue and Lucky magazines and found things that represent symbols in the book and this is what i found :)

Alice sitting by the river,
The side ways tree represents her falling underground.

Then she falls down the rabbits hole.

The blue caterpillar (or in the case of my collage, a butterfly),
The cats smile,
and the cake she eats. (or in my case, a donut.)

Mad Hatter and the tea party.

The Queen of Hearts.

Painting the roses red... with red lipstick.
The Flamingos used as the Queens Mallots but in my case, I used peacocks.


Most fun project i have ever done for a class. Interperate it how you would like. So much cutting and pasting but, 14 hours well spent :) 
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