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I met Callie in my yoga class, and on the first day I was like I have to be friends with that girl. Callie is the sweetest girl there is. I had such a fun afternoon taking pics of her. She is adorable. I am obsessed with how these pictures turned out. I couldn't be more happy with the lighting we had. It doesn't help when your model is gorgeous either ;)
thanks for reading!!! enjoy these pics!



It hadn't hit me that I was going to Switzerland until today when I paid off my final balance for my study abroad program. Switzerland seems like the dream place and I couldn't be more excited to travel this beautiful country (and more) for the month of June 2014. I get to go study design, my favorite thing, while venturing all over Switzerland with 39 other design oriented people. It is going to be beautiful.
I am so happy it is friday. I am ready for a low key weekend. (who am I kidding, that is what I live for and all I do)
Thanks for reading!

Calligraphy & Shadows

I can't even tell you how obsessed with calligraphy I am. I am like writing calligraphy in my mind while I type this post. I Can't get enough of it. I bought myself my first calligraphy pen two nights ago, and every spare minute since I got it, I have been practicing. It is a good reason for me to write people that I love little "thinking of you" notes. Because everybody deserves something pretty and handwritten in the mail sometimes. I have always loved stationary. Ever since I was little. I have always been all about leaving notes on peoples pillows or whatever it may be. This is just a little way to show somebody that you love them. Thinking of starting my own little calligraphy company :) 

I wrote these little notes last night, and this morning after I made myself a yummy bacon and smoothie breakfast, there was this gorgeous shadow in my room. Sorry If you think the photos are a bit excessive, but I just couldn't get enough of playing with the shadow!! My two favorite things, photography and calligraphy :)

It is friday and all of my roommates have left me for the weekend. I am trying to decide if I drive to Rexburg, ID to visit my sis and nephew, or if I go home to Park City. It is a unknown to me right now. I role so last minute that sometimes it causes me stress. I am not a planner. I like the spontaneity of doing something last minute. So I will let you know later what I decide to do this weekend :) I hope that you all have a fun Spontaneous weekend. Send someone a little "thinking of you" note. And I promise you, they'll love it. 

xoxo, Kar

but first, let me take a selfie


In my defense, my teacher made me do it. He is the one who assigned us the "self portrait" {aka Selfie} assignment. and you know what? I'm not mad about it. 

Life is good because I am going to Switzerland in 2 months and I am like freaking out because i'm a little nervous but like so excited that it is finally almost here!! 

I am more obsessed with calligraphy than ever. I will be posting more pics about that soon :) 

I am obsessed with Barbecuing. like is that normal for a girl? I crave steak. 

The sun is out and that really makes me happy. Maybe I should wash my car after 6 months? Living in Utah washing a car is always a risk. You never know when it's going to rain again so why do it? 

I am listening to yoga music right now and I'm half asleep so...

I hope everyone is doing well :) Thank you for your comments and for following my blog :) I just love blogging. 


Handwritten Letters

Here are just a few more letters I wrote over spring break :) ps congrats if your name made it onto my doodle page haha.
Spring break was so happy. I hope you all had a good week/ break.
I went to lunch with Taylor's family. I love them! This is Taylor's little sister Talia. She is a doll. I love the Brand family!! Can't wait to be in it someday.  haha errr...

xoxo Karli

can it be spring already

I made these little bears for the two little rascals that I nanny for for lunch. Gotta make them eat somehow!
Laura went to the ER on Saturday night. I was the one who called 911 and I was kind of a mess. They asked me how old she was and I could not remember at the time because I was so stressed out. 
Cool frozen spring run off from my hike today.
You would think I would be over him after 7 months. hahaha good one.
Let me design your business cards for you :)
This break all I have really done is take care of my sister Laura who just had ACL surgery, nanny, and workout. It has been so nice though. Thinking I may just stay here for the remainder of the school year. The sun shines more which makes me happy.

I am a graphic designer for any of you that didn't know. I am obsessed with doing things on my computer as well as anything handwritten or art related (photography). I do hand printed wedding invitations, cards and business cards on my computer, or anything really that you may need. I love doing it and love having people to do it for. Contact me by clicking the envelope on the right if you may be interested in working something out. I'll keep posting my stuff as I do it as well :)

Grandmas wedding


^^^my papa giving a speech^^^
^^^Prince William my nephew^^^
I love weddings. Congrats to my beautiful Grandma Lyons on her special day! She looked so beautiful. I love you Cheryl Marie!
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