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2011 you will be missed

Looking back on 2011

Hawaii - February
Washington D.C with friends-March
I don't know, I just like this picture...

My love for baking!
  1. Going to Hawaii
  2. Going to Washington D.C
  3. Going to Canada 3 times
  4. Moving to Park City (some rough times, but for the most part good)
  5. Starting figure skating
  6. Imma Senior
  7. Acceptance to the University of Utah
  8. New change of scenery
  9. My first kiss (so what... I was 17, sue me.)
  10. First skate show
  11. The best Christmas present ever... NYC
  12. Realized that baking isn't all that bad, infact I love it! I just hate cleaning up...
  13. New found love for the color red
  14. Ice Skating with Willow Smith
  15. Seeing Bieber in PC
  16. 11/11/11
  17. No math classes
  18. New glasses
  19. Never been closer with my sisters
  20. Starting this blog
2011 brought me a lot of amazing times with family and friends as well as some hard and challenging times. I wouldn't change a thing though. Here is to a good 2011 and hopefully an even better 2012! Lots of love from Canada right now! Stay up late tomorrow night and see you next year!

New York City

Like I said, this Christmas I was really spoiled. My acceptance letter came and my skate performance went well. Then Christmas morning came... we opened our stockings then went to church. After church we came home and opened our presents. I opened my first couple of presents and then my mom said that they must have miscounted presents for me because I had none left while my sisters kept going. Well once everyone was all finished opening presents, there was one more under the tree for me. I started opening it and everyone had cameras and phones in my face. I took the wrapping paper off and it was an Aldo box. I opened the box and inside was a used candle. I was confused. I looked down again and saw an envelope with a picture of the Statue of Liberty on it. I opened the envelope and inside were my plane tickets to New York City on January 25, my birthday! I was so happy and grateful that I cried and cried. Everyone else in my family was crying too. I feel so blessed. I have wanted to go to NYC for years now and I am finally going. 29 days to pack and prepare. Best Christmas present ever! New York City in the winter, I couldn't be more excited! NYC HERE I COME!

I hope everyones Christmas was full of love and laughter!


Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Something about the lights, trees, music, love and family time that is so refreshing. I feel like I was especially spoiled this Christmas though. Christmas started early for me this year when I opened my letter from the University of Utah. Call me a Ute my friends because I got accepted! 
To be continued...

Skate Solo


On wednesday I had my very first figure skating solo in a Christmas show. My program was to Josh Groban, naturally, because his voice is the most beautiful thing ever. 

Sock Bun Part I


Maybe you have heard about the sock bun, well it has turned into one of my very favorite hair dos. I mean, who doesn't want to wear a sock on their head? Here is the back of my head... isn't it ridiculous?!


To a friday on a Wednesday...

Sorry this post is a little past due, but me and some friends went bowling last wednesday. I was the high scorer... until I wasn't toward the end. Oh well I was proud of my score! Anyway, CRAZY busy week this week so wish me luck! 6 days until Christmas! 

If you are feeling up to it, look up the song Winter Song by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. It is so pretty. 


Silver + blue

Thanks mom

Homemade cupcakes + cookies

Look closely
This past saturday my mom, sisters and I had the opportunity of planning our cousin Tamra's bridal shower. We had so much fun... as you can see. I feel like I spend a lot of time with weddings since I did a lot of bridal fairs, I pretty much have my wedding planned out. Here are some *pictures of the event!
* Thanks jake!

Christmas List


  1. Skirts to add to my collection of 2.
  2. Perfume that smells good
  3. MAC Light pink lipstick
  4. I love these black heels, must be the ankle strap!
  5. Long earrings
  6. Anything striped or sequined
  7. Gold watch
  8. A purse with a gold chain. must be gold!

Katherine Nelson - Glorious Song of Old (Silent Night)

This is Zoë's Aunt Katherine. I absolutely love this video. share it!

Here's to you Zoë

Happy birthday to one of my very best friends Zoë! How I love her. We have been Best friends for a very long time and I am so grateful for her. She has always been one to serve others. We are the type that find ourselves dancing in front of some random mirror, we are always having fun finding crazy adventures together and non stop laughter. she is my best friend and I love each freckle on her face. Here's to you Zozozoë! Happy 18th!

2009                                                2011

We love our boys

Homecoming 2011

Halloween 2010
Yeah, we ski.

D.C. Junior Year


Congrats on being Hot

hot chocolate vs. hot cocoa

Did you know that there is a difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate? Who would have guessed. I was always confused on whether to call it hot cocoa or hot chocolate so I did some research here is what I came up with:
There is actually quite a big difference between the two. Hot chocolate is made from ground chocolate which contains cocoa butter, which has a higher fat content. Hot cocoa is made from cocoa powder. Which is way less fattening therefore better for you. Interesting right? I thought so. So now I know next time I am asked if I want hot chocolate or hot cocoa (which is rare) I will chose hot cocoa.

Temple Tuesday


Yesterday my ward was lucky enough to go to the Salt Lake Temple and do Baptisms for the Dead. How lucky am I that my temple is the SLC Temple. I feel pretty blessed. We were also able to see the Christmas lights around Temple Square but I definitely want to go back because they are just that amazing!
I seriously can't believe how fast December is flying. It is sad almost. Christmas is just around the corner and there is so much to be done, and umm... we need more snow!!
Red nail polish is the way to go this week. Thank you O.P.I (primary color) for adding to the christmas spirit.

Oh and.. if my cough could go away, that would be great too.

many xoxo.

Lemon Bars


I made my first batch of Lemon Bars for Thanksgiving, but I was in too much of a rush to bake them and get them ready that I didn't even document! So I tried them out again last night. I used this delicious recipe here and was excited to eat them!

Have a good weekend!


{The Notebook}

{Cinderella Story}
{The Last Song}
{Pride and Prejudice}

{Breakfast at Tiffany's}
Nothing like staying in with a good chick flick or 2... or 3... on a cold day and peppermint tea in hand. These are my top 5 favorite kisses in Hollywood. So happy it is the weekend!
What is your favorite girl show?
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