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One thing about getting married in two months is that I will FINALLY have a place of my own that I can decorate however I please. I have heard so many people complain about doing their registry, but I am having an absolute ball going through and picking out things that I like!!! 

I was feeling overwhelmed on where to register, and what to register for because I am so picky and I just want everything to match. So after doing some research, I have decided on the color scheme of my house! I am sticking to all white, copper (rose gold, gold) and marble. That way I know Everything looks good together, and that it will all be classic and beautiful! 

I am getting a white bed spread and my goal is to accessorize my bed with fun pillows. I am thinking ones with fur, gold and maybe pink. I have already cleared my bedroom/ house plans with Taylor, and he is being such a sweetie and letting me do whatever I want! I initially found a pink bed spread from Anthropologie that I wanted, but I opted for the white version instead. It's the little compromises people. Now I get to add pink pillows :) 

Today i just discovered that H&M has a home section..... UMMMMM BYE. It is amazing. The best part is, they have all the things that go along with my color scheme!!!

Oh ps... This may or may not be the color scheme of my wedding!! Because why not have the them of your wedding be the theme of your house?? 

Where to EAT in Park City


The first of my many guides of Park City to come! I get asked a lot on places to eat in Park City, and what to do there, so I am compiling a list of the places I love and would recommend! If any of you have any questions on things to do, where to stay etc. leave a comment and I will do a post about it! Enjoy! 

1. GRAPPA is my favorite restaurant in all of Park City. The ambiance is amazing, and the food is beyond that. Grappa does have gluten free options. The only down side is the price, so I only like to go there on very special occasions!! 

2. GHIDOTTIS is one of my families favorite places to eat. This is our Christmas Eve tradition, and has been for a few years now! One of our favorite things to do is dress up and go out to dinner, and this restaurant is one of the best places to do that because of how nice it is! 

3. THE EATING ESTABLISHMENT great place for a yummy and filling breakfast!! It is on Main Street, so it is fun to be in the hustle and bustle, and they have yummy omelets that are so big!! 

4. EL CHUBASCO MEXICAN GRILL is the perfect place to eat when you want to wear your workout clothes to. The food is delicious and it is a much more casual environment. I always order the Unchubby salad, which is a yummy healthy salad, but it is Gluten Free. 

5. MAXWELLS makes me feel like I am back on the East Coast. The pizza slices are so big yet so delicious. I now order their GF pizza which is just as amazing. Delicious salads as well. Fun bar like environment. 

6. WASATCH BAGEL where all of the locals go. Yummy bagels, burgers and breakfast foods! GF bread for toast or French Toast which is always a bonus for me! Yummy Hot Chocolate. 

7. WINDRY RIDGE BAKERY makes the most delicious macarons! I could die. They have a few GF options and the non gluten free options are just as amazing!! 

8. VINTO Yummy fire baked pizza. Also, the decorations are a huge plus! The whole restaurant is so cute and doesn't feel like the typical Utah restaurant. They have AMAZING gelato. Go get some. NOW!

9. FOUNDRY GRILL is in my top two for favorite restaurants in Utah. It has been a tradition in my family to go here for 5 or more years now. It is by far the best cozy restaurant I have ever been to, and has the most amazing hamburger EVER!!! Also their crème brûlée is YUMMM. I know it isn't in Park City, but it's close enough! 


Today was one of those days when I woke up and had zero interest in going to class. For some reason, this week has been one of those weeks... it has to stop!!! So Taylor and I decided to go to brunch! Taylor had a test at noon, so we snuck in a little morning date. He looked so handsome so I had to snap a pic!! 

Top picks for Perfume

Last weekend Taylor and I went shopping for new perfume. Something about being engaged and feeling more mature now, (I guess??) I have been looking for the perfect scent! I am glad we finally got around to going and trying new perfumes out! We spent about 2 hours sniffing and testing them out, and these were my top three. 

1. Hanae Mori is the one that I went home with. I really loved the other two, but I felt like this scent was the best for everyday. It is fresh and clean and mature, and I like that it is unique. 

2. Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede. This one is definitely the next one I will buy. It smells so clean and the best part is that with Jo Malone, it is all about mixing. I got a bunch of sample, so I am going to try those out for the next little while until I am ready for a new perfume. 

3. Prada Candy. I really liked this one, the only thing is that it is so distinct, so I felt like it was more for going out, rather than an everyday thing. Although it is amazing. 

Next thing I am looking into are candles! YUM!! 


We went hiking at Guardsmans pass on conference sunday, and it was so beautiful!!
We all had our Comfy Comfs on, and it was a good day... I also peed in nature for like the first time, so there is that!! 

The view up at Guardsmans Pass!

We had a little date night to Sundance Foundry Grill. It is my absolute favorite restaurant!!! 

We took the babies to the pumpkin patch! So fun cuddling with sweet little isaac!

Loving my new cheetah sweater and Twif from Mad lipstick with my leather Aritzia hat!!!
Thanks to My gorgeous cousin Kaitlyn!! 

My Hot fiancè has front row and box seats to the Utes football games. I pretend I know what is happening.... I just like to be social. 


September 5th, 2015, I got engaged to my best friend and favorite human, Taylor Brand! It was so exciting and my ring is so amazing!! I love that boy and I can't wait to marry him!!! 

We decided to go down to St. George for the long weekend, and we stayed at my grandparents place who have a condo on the Sand Hollow Golf Course. It was so nice and warm! Of course Taylor told me that my ring wouldn't be ready for another 4 weeks... (he told me this the day before we left to St. George.) So I was not expecting in the slightest that we would get engaged! 

We went and got in and out because I am obsessed with lettuce wrap hamburgers, and it is a tradition that when we go to St. George, we just have to go there! Then on our way home everyone was telling me they had to study, and so Tay and I headed to walmart to get treats for our movie night. While we were out there, everyone stayed home and set up the whole thing! Taylor had it all planned out and just left them there to set it up. They ran a trail of tea candles from my grandparents house all the way to the golf course, and on the golf course, was a giant heart of candles and rose petals in the middle! Taylor got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and it was such a good day!!! I am so excited! Wedding planning has already been a blast!! I love you baby! Can't wait to be yours forever!!

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