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Tulip Trees


And all I can say about these photos is man... Palo Alto made me very excited for spring!!! These were the ones in Taylor's Grandparents back yard. So were those cute lil Coy fish up there ^ I love these Tulip trees that were on every corner!! So gorgeous. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!! 

Pescadero Beach


Taylor and I spent Valentines day on Pescadero beach. It is beautiful there. I literally can't say enough good words about it. We spent the day on the beach followed by a delicious dinner at Spaltis
Perfect Valentine's day! Wish I was still there! 

San Francisco Weekend

The Painted Ladies!

Taylors Grandparents house! Only 4 houses away from Mark Zuckerberg's... Pretty cool!

I died at the San Francisco Flower Mart!! 

My Valentine
Driving down Lombard Street with the sun roof open!!
Fresh Pressed Juice
The yummiest healthy frozen yogurt at Pressed Juicery, Stanford Mall, Palo Alto
 I told Taylor that the only think I wanted for Valentines Day was to go to the San Francisco Flower Mart and pick out a valentines bouquet and carry them around the city. So that is just what we did!! I picked out the rose bouquet, and he picked out the Ranunculus. I enjoyed them for the rest of the weekend and was so sad to leave them along with my heart in Palo Alto!!

I literally died and went to heaven this weekend. (my mom always laughs when I use literally out of context hahaha) but seriously... It is my new favorite place. I knew I loved San Francisco... but now I know that I want to live in Palo Alto!! It is 45 min away from the coast, and 40 away from the city. With AMAZING food and adorable shops. It so totally doesn't get any better. Taylor grew up here, so we got to go and see where he went to school and which houses he lived in. Man oh man I am saving my pennies so I can afford to move here someday!!!

We just spent all day Saturday roaming San Francisco and eating lots of treats and carrying flowers. We saw the Painted ladies, drove down Lombard street, went to the Flower mart, and so much more!! Taylor is my most favorite travel buddy because he gets in that mood where he wants to just spend his money on all of the fun activities and treats and it just makes vacations so much more fun when you treat it differently than every day life!!! Now we are back to saving our money for our next vacation!! I have the travel bug. I just want to hop on a plane to our next adventure!! We have been on 7 plane rides (funny story) in three months and I think that is a new record for me!!

Somehow it is Friday tomorrow and I am sooooo happy. I am ready for the weekend!!!

January 2nd, 2016


Happy valentines day to my husband!! Our first valentines day together in 2 years! Here are the photos from our wedding day which was my most favorite day ever! It turned out perfect and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Everything came together so well.

Being married to Taylor has been the best thing ever. I have never met someone so confident and silly and embarrassing and annoying and sexy. I still get butterflies when he comes home from work. He is the best travel buddy and knows how to spoil me. I feel so loved and comfortable with him. Taylor is the best at getting rid of my stress and worries. He is the most optimistic person I know which is something I definitely need. My forever optimist. He always tells me he LOVES my food when I know he is just being kind. Because that is just how he is. So kind. I am the luckiest girl and I am forever yours Taylor Brand!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you all feel loved and spoiled. You deserve it!

Dress: Mary's Bridal
Ceremony: Salt Lake Temple
Flowers: May Flowers
Photography: Laura Shephard
Bridesmaids Dresses: bhldn
Videographer: Lott Weddings
Venue: Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Taylors Suit: Neiman Marcus
Calligraphy: Kar Lily
Invites: October Ink
Cake: Granite Bakery
Hair: Marty's Place
Makeup: Myself and my mom
Ties: The Tie Bar
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