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a week in review


Creating braids in church. 

I am sure going to miss this view! I mean, does it get any better? 

This week was a busy one indeed. I got sick right when i was supposed to help pack and move my house. Yesterday we moved everything we had in our house and last night because my bed was in the storage, I stayed with luke and rachel in that cute bed in the first picture up there. Moving is crazy and i never realized how much stuff i had until i tried to fit it all in one place!! man oh man that was a problem. But we did it, now all we have to do is clean. But i am so glad it is friday!
Tonight Taylor is taking me on a surprise date... um i am so excited. All i was told is to wear something nice. Tomorrow we are going to a drive in movie as well. He is too good to me! Those are my exciting plans for the weekend! Hope you all have a good one :) 


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    1. We moved into a condo in Park City until our house is built!


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