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Acai, I love you so.

Today we played in the waves for what felt like at least two hours. It was so fun body surfing and jumping the waves and getting knocked down and loosing our swimsuits haha. But really. What a fun day! We also biked to Kahuku to get Acai, naturally. We went to the most delicious little Hawaiian grill called Kahuku Grill. The Stake president here in Hawaii owns it and he is the nicest man. He gave us a free pinapple salad. I am telling you that if you are here in Hawaii, you MUST go to Kahuku Grill and also to a break off of it called Seven Brothers. They are both perfect. Acai, Acai, Acai. I love you. And Freckles, how I have missed you!

Sunday in Hawaii

My days are going to be all mixed up because the wifi is hit or miss here in my apartment. So, this was Sunday. On sunday we went beach hopping to a few different beaches. I was trying to stay out of the sun because I got burnt pretty bad, but it was fun to watch the sunset and hang out with my sister on the beach all day. We also got invited to a Hawaiian families home for a hawaiian feast for fathers day. It was delicious food. Sunday was the only day so far that we haven't gotten Acai, and I was in withdrawals. I have no idea what I am going to do when I can't go buy a real Hawaiian Acai bowl with fresh island fruit. Like seriously. I am going to have to find the recipe. But, I am so lucky to be here with my sister! I only have two more full days so I gotta make them count!! xox

And... Happy Father's Day yesterday to my dad Deano. I love him so much. He really is the best dad on this earth. My dad is so cool because he went skydiving for his fathers day adventure... that is how cool he is. I love you dad! Thanks for being so amazing.

Acai, hikes and waterfalls

The amazing Acai Bowl. 

Today was my first day in Hawaii, and I think it is safe to say we accomplished everything on my to do list. At the top of my to do list was getting an Acai Bowl. Omg guys they are to die for. Please tell me you have had one? Please. After we got Acai for lunch, we hiked up to that gorgeous waterfall you see right up there^^^ and we jumped into the fresh water. It wasn't exactly legal, but it was so fun. Oh and you see those pink things on the ground? That is from a flower that grows. It covered the trail as we were walking and it was so cool! The whole hike was pure jungle and it was the coolest hike i have ever been on. After our hike in the rain... did i mention it was in the rain? We stopped by Turtle Bay Resort and hopped in their hot tub. We then stopped at a Thai Truck on our way home and had some Curry for dinner. Yumm. I told you it was a successful day! It was so successful that i forgot how to talk by the end of the day. Like I am so tired so maybe i should stop typing. I got here at four last night and it is only 8pm here right now, but it feels like 12a. I ramble when i get tired. So ill stop. I am excited for 6 more days of adventures here. Looks like i'll be blogging more than I though because I have wifi. yay!


Taking pictures at my favorite barn. I am obsessed with white barns, white houses, you name it.
BTW, this is in Park City. 
He is finally letting me take pictures of him!! Check out his BA road rash. 
^^ hehehe^^
Church :)
I hope you all had a nice weekend! I am headed to Hawaii on Wednesday, so I don't know how much blogging i will do, so follow me on insta (@karlilyons) and you can keep up! Thanks for reading :)

Grappa on Main

because we are not good at taking pictures of our faces...
My favorite little house
The top of Park City near the Montage. 
On friday Tay surprised me and took me to my favorite restaurant Grappa at the top of Main Street. It is the perfect Italian environment and just the cutest little restaurant. We had a nice little chat, and then we hiked to the water towers that overlook Park City. After our little walk up the mountain in my new shoes (I debated going barefoot) we went to our good friends beautiful home at the top of Park City for some games and Nitro Circus videos. It was one of my favorite dates that I have had so far. I sure do love that boy.
On Saturday we went with some of Taylor's friends to my first drive in movie. It was quite the crowded but fun experience. I had such a fun weekend and I hope that you all did too! The only downside was moving everything we own out of our house in three days and into a condo. Luckily we are finished with that!
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