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Spring Cleaning

It's Spring cleaning time! This is such a fun post for me to do because Spring cleaning is something that I have always enjoyed doing, and mu husband and I finally got around to it after I graduated college and MOVED TO KANSAS! So this is a big deal! Today I am going to give you guys some spring cleaning tips as well as some great cleaning products that I love using, and that are all natural and smell delicious!!

MAKE THE SPACE COMFORTABLE: The first place that I started to organize and put together as soon as we arrived at our new place in Kansas was my desk. I am still doing a lot of design during the day so since I sit here, I want it to be comfortable and stocked with all of the things that I will need! I have all my pens and pencils, as well as a yummy candle that I got from target HERE. I also have my succulent that I just picked up at Trader Joe's. I added my planner into the shot because organizing my day is just as important as organizing my house! I always add in the little things into that planner like "Organize bedroom" and things like that so that I don't get too overwhelmed with things that I need to do. Since I tend to be that type of person.
INDOOR PLANTS & FLOWERS: Succulents and indoor plants are a great way to add to the spring cleaning and freshness of a place!! I love to have fresh flowers or plants whenever I can find ones that I like. Succulents are a super low maintenance plant which I love because as much as I wish i had a green thumb, I really don't.  

SIMPLIFY: I found this makeup organizer at TJ Maxx and I just loved how small and perfect it was! We don't have a lot of counter space and I would rather have easy access to my makeup so that I will actually wear it, rather than having it in a place that is hard to get to. I am all about simplifying and making my routine easier, and this was the perfect thing to help me do that!
ORGANIZATION: This is how I organized our bathroom cupboard. Taylor doesn't have a ton of products... Luckily for me haha. So I get a lot of the shelf space to myself. I wanted everything that I used to be near the front and the stuff that I don't use as much be near the back for easy access. I also keep my essential oils on handy just in case!! I still don't have a diffuser, which that is something that I really want! Diffusing oils can be a great alternative to those candles and a much healthier option. That will be my next investment! Diffused Lemon is amazing! My mom and sister both have diffusers and use them all the time. They make the whole house feel fresh and smell amazing! 
WINDOWS & DOORS: Leaving the doors and windows open is a great way to air out the house and let some sunshine and fresh air in! I sometimes feel so cooped up in my house when I am on the computer working all day, so opening the door that is right next to my desk always helps me feel more relaxed. 

REUSABLE BAGS: A super helpful trick that my mom taught me a few years back was to take your reusable grocery bags and fold them up and stick them under your sink in a basket or bag. This makes it so that they are all organized and that they take up much less space than they would if they were all just shoved somewhere. I always save mine so I can re-use them down the road. This is the best way that I have found to do that! 
LEMON: One of the grossest things to me is a dirty microwave. Taylor taught me the coolest trick! He said that if you cut a lemon in half, stick both halves in a glass bowl with some water, and turn the microwave on for about 45 seconds to a minute (or longer depending on how dirty) it literally loosens up all the gross stuff that is in the microwave so when you wipe it out, it comes out so much easier. This is such a safe and all natural method of cleaning out the microwave and when I tried it, I was shocked at how good it works!! 

ALL NATURAL CLEANER: As far as cleaning products that I use go, these three always seem to get the job done! These ones are all natural and don't have the toxins that a lot of other cleaners do. I especially like to use the all natural Method hand soap that is on the right. If I am using it on my skin I prefer it to be as chemical free as possible. The bottle in the middle is an all purpose cleaner that I spray on my bathroom and kitchen counters to clean them off, and the product on the left is my dish soap that I use. I definitely recommend these products for the yummy and fresh smells that they have! They also work better than any other cleaning chemicals that I have used! 

When I came in contact with the MAA CENTER about Mesothelioma and Asbestos, I was super interested in helping to raise awareness! Asbestos can be found in homes that were built before the 1970's and it can lead to Mesothelioma. This material has not yet been banned and it is causing health problems to people around the world! It is important to know of the harmful things that can be found in old homes. I hope this post helps you get kick started in doing your spring cleaning and has helped you become more aware of the dangers of Asbestos!

Thanks for reading and happy spring cleaning!!
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