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Chocolate Factory

Well it was another baking day at the lyons' house, sometimes Rachel and I go on these baking crazes where we will bake a ton of treats in one day, then not bake anything for like months. Today we chose to bake Rocky Road Cookies that were divine, Peppermint Patties, and Almond Joys. It was basically a chocolate factory at our house. Luckily we have friends to share it all with! I really think you should try these recipes, but if you were to pick just one, i would definitely recommend the cookies. They were honestly like heaven in a cookie and would be the perfect "that time of month" cookie. Oh and side note, all of these treats are GLUTEN FREE, but by no means healthy... ;)

Here are the links to all of the recipes we used. Thank you Pinterest!

And of course, a few pictures...
Thanks Rach for baking with me all day! And thank you all for reading. Enjoy!
xx, Kar


  1. looks yummy! Bring some to my house! ;)

    1. seriously Tam! I need to!! I miss you guys!


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