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Taylor's Farewell

This Sunday was Taylor’s farewell. What can I say, I love that boy and am sad he is leaving, but am very happy for him to go. I am going to miss that stud muffin, but am excited for him to have experiences that will change him for the better. Luckily I have two and a half more weeks to hang out with him. Separation issues people. We can’t just stop hanging out right now. We don’t work that way. We haven’t been separated for more than two weeks in ten months, and we have talked everyday for almost 11 months. We were talking about it last night and decided that that is pretty lame. Haha. We are too inseparable, so this will be interesting. Lots of prayers people. That’s how I will get through it. I love you Tay. I am so proud of you!  

San Francisco

This weekend I ended up in San Fran. I decided late wednesday night and we left thursday morning. Laura's soccer team had a soccer tournament here and I decided to tag along. It is so beautiful here. I would live here. We went down to the Fisherman's Wharf and got some delicious crab for lunch then headed back for a soccer game. After the game we met up with our cousins Devon and Chelsea and their adorable little girl Dior for dinner. We went to a place called Barney's on College Ave in Oakland and let me tell you. I tell you what, I am ready to franchise that place and bring it to Utah. So amazeballs and such good prices. (Sweet potato fries were unreal. and I am picky when it comes to my SPF) you should totes hit it up if you happen to be in the area. My dad served his mission here so it has been fun to see where he spent two years of his life. More to come on my San Fran adventure! Thanks Dev and Chels for showing us around!

We are Slalom Skiers

This picture is embarrassing, but what do ya do?
We are big Slalom skiers here at our cabin. All we do is ski, swim, eat, sleep. Ok we do more than that but skiing is definitely at the top of our to do list each day. These are all pictures I took (except the one of me obvi) of the skiers in our family. The lower you are to the water, the better. Just in case you didn't know :)

My Mom
Me :)

Happy Birthday Jaime! I love you!

We really are sisters. I promise. Even if I am five inches taller and blonde. I love you Jaime. 
Jaime's Raw cake. Dates, Walnuts, Avocado Chocolate mousse, Peanut Butter Caramel. Pure Delish.
Cute little Royce
Jaime's birthday party here at the lake included swimming all day, a gluten free pizza party, a raw cake, a competitive family soccer game, and a family swim in the lake. It was such a great game! I am lucky to have such a great family that is so close and for such an amazing sister. Jaime I love you so much! You are so helpful and kind. I have never met a more giving person. I love you forever. 

Rachel's Baby Shower

Yesterday was Rachel's baby shower. My little nephew William is due August 31 and I am so excited to meet that little peanut. Rachel is going to be such a great mom and I am so happy for her and Luke! 
We went to lunch at this little Italian restaurant on the corner in Sandpoint. It was the perfect spot for a baby shower. All of the women that are here at our cabin went and celebrated little William and Rachel for the day. It was nice to just chat with our family that we only see once or twice a year and start a new tradition of ladies day out. I love you Rachel and Will!

^^^uhh, is she for real? And she is almost a grandma.^^^
 And then it turned into a photoshoot...
^^^ and then a walk to get ice cream^^^
^^^ Rachel and Auntie Grandma Val^^^
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