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Life update

I have to  give pinterest some credit for helping me come up with this gem. I would also like to thank the Four Seasons garden in Logan, Utah... I may have stolen a tulip...

Last night I watched the season finale of One Tree Hill, I also spent my last night in Logan Utah for about a year.

I was accepted into the design program like I mentioned earlier, but I was also offered a great job as a live in nanny in Park City. It was so hard for me to make a decision for some reason! Make money and be close to home, or do what I love which is graphic design. I finally decided that living in Park City would be the best thing for me at this time. I have some health issues like I mentioned before, and I have just found a doctor that will be able to cure me!! He specializes in the Autoimmune disease that I have. I will be meeting with him 2 times a week for the next 6 months or until I am healed. I am so grateful that I found him. I have been dealing with these issues for too long, and I am getting so tired of living like this! Everything kind of happened at a perfect time. Luckily Switzerland study abroad is a semester of credits, or I would be a full year behind. But instead I will only be one semester behind, and I will have money in the bank. I am sure this job will be hard and a lot of work, but I can't wait to live in Park City again and be close to the people that I love. Graphic Design major I'll be coming for you August 2015!! (and that is when my tay gets home. It seriously couldn't be better)
This is all good stuff. It was a tough year, but I am glad I made it through. I am thankful for the supportive people around me. Feeling so blessed today!!

Rainy (MoMA inspired)


Me in my Nikes. Classy right? 
Have you guys ever heard of the #momarainroom? Well it was this amazing exhibit in NYC at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). This exhibit was designed to have the guests walk into the rain room where it is actually raining somehow, but wherever the person stepped, it stopped raining! How amazing is that? So you would be in a room where it was raining everywhere but where you were standing. I was so intrigued by this and so I wanted to do a MoMA Rain Room inspired shoot! It was actually a lot colder than we thought, but I prayed for the rain so I could snap pics in it :) Amy my roommate and I had a blast playing in the rain for an evening ;) Look up the exhibit... You'll love it!

Quick Hello

A self portrait for my final photo portfolio (back when I was a blondie).
I don't have many words tonight. I am so tired. I am running on empty as it is the end of semester. thanks for checking in... I am still alive!!

strawberries are on my mind.

The pretty windows at the field house where I spend all my extra time. 
I feel like I have a lot of thoughts on my mind right now. There is so much good change in my life right now. Too much to even list off. But I am feeling so deeply blessed. Things were hard in the winter, as I am sure it was for maybe a lot of you, but the sun is shining, and now I am feeling like things are falling into place. I am so happy about it. And I am loving my hair. Even with the comments of people telling me they liked my blonde better or whatever else they say. I don't care because I love it, and I'm proud I was brave enough to do it.
I am exhausted. I have been doing photoshoot after photoshoot for my photo class. No time for rest. Well when I do have time to rest I go to the gym to get trained to be a hot fit lady. I have spent 8.5 hours at the gym in the last three days. So IDK if I should admit that, but I love it and I feel good. I'll be taking the day off (except for yoga) tomorrow to recover so that will be much needed.
I have a lot of photoshoots to share so come back soon!! I love photography!
I hope everyone is happy. Happiness is good.

I have red hair! (well strawberry blonde)

I love my sisters. 
Sisters cabin. And look, the Easter Bunny Came!!!!
Sisters, Hopefully we will no longer be mistaken for twins. 
Sending a postcard to my cute BFF in Wisconsin
These are just a few pics I had on my phone. I DYED MY HAIR RED!!! I have been a blondie all of my life, and over the winter I just HATED my hair! I never wanted to do it or anything, so I decided to do something bold and dye it!! I was so proud. I have never done anything like that in my life! I still wonder who that girl is sometimes when I walk by a mirror, but I love it. It will be this way for a while. I'm a red head. And I love it.
Who knows what T man will think. ;)

Grand Tetons (Jackson Hole Weekend)


This Easter weekend has been so fun. We decided to do a little family getaway to Jackson Hole Wyoming. Hope everyone has a beautiful Easter Sunday!!

Mean Girls


Some pictures from my weekend. Sleepover with my fav cutie T Tal. Mean Girls is now on Netflix, so of course we watched that. Love that babe.
Hope you all had a good weekend :)

Can there be blossoms all year long?

I love SLC & I love Blossoms. 

Parkite and Proud of it


^^^It was snowing on April 5. NBD. I am soo over it^^^
^^^I love antlers and cute little barbershops on Main Street. ^^^
^^^ Joss Christensen, Olympic Gold Medalist for Slope Style Skiing, who grew up in PC^^^
^^^ Can't wait to have little hockey player sons. They are so cute.^^^
On Saturday there was a parade for Park City locals who have won medals in the olympics. My little sister Andee got to walk in the parade because she is a skater for the Park City Figure Skating Club. Such a fun little locals activity to do on Main Street yesterday afternoon!!

I love Park  City. I am a proud Parkite. 

General Conference was just great wasn't it? Nothing like a conference weekend. Thank you all for readng. Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you will probably want to unfollow me because I have been posting about a thousand pics. It won't hurt my feelings. Just know I love pics. I am now booking photoshoots for the next month and a half. Seniors, engagements, for fun, you name it and I am yours. Email me!!

Such a good weekend. I really needed that.

Downtown Shoot

^^^ My lovely assistant for the day^^^
On Saturday I took pics of the pretty girls above. Callie-Jayne and the girl with pretty red hair is Sarah. We had a fun day downtown exploring places that would make for a good shoot. We also found a creepy neighborhood that had the cutest house, but we were totally being stared down by this guy in a black hoody. Safe to say, it was creepy. But the things we will do for a good pic. Now I am off to the conference center to watch the second session of conference. It has been a lovely weekend.

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