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happy easter!


And today my shirt has cats on it. (on sale at Urban Oufitters!)
Happy Easter everyone! I am so incredibly happy that today is warm and that it actually feels like spring. Seriously! I  couldn't have asked for a warmer Easter Sunday. I had an unknown call today with a crazy amount of digits and i missed it because i was sitting in sunday school, turns out it was taylor all the way in India! he left a message and i cried because I missed it. I am so sad about that. It was such a good easter surprise, but i still can't believe i didn't answer! He said he would call me back later so I am crossing my fingers. 
 The best part about living with my family is that I still get to have easter egg hunts in the morning before church. (also the perks of having an eight year old sister) I am feeling extra blessed today to be surrounded by the people I love. Although we are missing our sister jaime who is either in Prague, Austria, Hungary, or Ukraine today. But lots of love to you JG! also sending lots of easter wishes to my friends who seem to be all over the world today! Chile, India, Peru, Nicaragua. I am so grateful for the Gospel in my life. especially for my savior. I hope everyone feels extra love today. Thank you thank you for reading my blog. I love love love that you do. Happy easter to you.

it's the weekend you lovely people.


I hope everyone is having a good weekend! I am on day 6 of the paleo diet and i tell you what, it is life changing. I thought that I would be hungry all the time because all that i eat is vegetables, fruit, nuts and meat, but i feel great. I can already feel the difference in my body and I love it sooo much. Today I went to the festival of colors... remind me to never do that again. I don't like to get dirty.  I am pretty sure I told myself that i was never going to go again last time I went, but i did with my friend sara and Laura anyway. oooh... and I wore a turban because I did NOT want my hair to be dyed different colors and on our way there I had so many people like staring me down, it was so awkward!! I guess people have never seen a turban before? Or maybe mine just looked extra awkward? who knows. It saved my hair. Luckily. 



Is it bad that i am already planning my first home? I know i want a lot of color, and for it to show a lot of personality, but there is one thing for sure... It must have a lot of natural lighting. Like a lot of lighting. I love these images of light and feminine colors (hope my husband is ok with that...) the light plays so well with the colors of these rooms i found on Pinterest. I also love the live plants. especially around spring time. I think that lighting can either make a room inviting or do just the opposite. I have always lived in houses with big windows where the sun can shine and now i want that forever. 

Paleo Life

You guys. This is for real. I am obsessed with my pastel pants. I can't get enough of them! Such a fall trend that i am so excited about. 
I have officially joined the band wagon and have started the Paleo diet, or the cave man diet. I am only on day two, but I am already sick of vegetables! I can already fill the difference in my body though. I thought I would be hungry all the time, but it is just the opposite. I fill content all throughout the day. (My break down part of the day is 10:30, that is when i nanny, and have my most boring class). I am so excited about it though. I have eaten so many new healthy foods in just two days. Example of what i eat: spaghetti squash as my spaghetti noodles, with veggies on the side and some beef, almond and apple sauce pancakes (could take some getting used to), almond butter and celery and apples and bananas and whatever else you can think of, and lots, and lots, and lots of spinach and kale shakes. I am hoping to go the next two weeks and so I can get used to it, so when taylor comes home I am not tempted to eat ice cream or chocolate, and so that i can keep going! It really takes a lot of preparation between planning, grocery shopping, cooking, but i know the results will be worth it!! 
I know i called it a diet, but i guess i should call it more of a life style change. I already wasn't eating gluten and dairy so I figured it could just go all the way and stay away from all grains and dairy in general! 
anyway, I hope that your week is going well. Thank you for reading my blog! 


s u n d a y

Shirt and earrings both BCBG. 
Ok disclaimer, I am going to get cheesy for a second. Taylor is in India for the next two weeks teaching english and doing humanitarian. What a good good guy. And they have made the rule that the people going can't text or call or even check facebook while they are there. So two nights ago was the first night in five and a half months (I'm a counter) that we haven't said goodnight... I am someone who needs closure, so it is so weird to me. I guess that this is good practice for when he leaves on his mission in August. He is going to Milwaukee Wisconsin Spanish speaking. I am so happy for him/ not looking forward to it at all. This will just be my little less rude awakening to practice before he leaves for two years. So I guess these couple of weeks are the best thing for me. (trying to be a half glass full kind of person)
Also side note, last night we watched Life of Pi. My family and I have been analyzing that movie all morning/ afternoon. It is one that is so symbolic and it had some very deep themes and morals. I like to analyze things, no matter what it is, so this movie was very entertaining to me.

** this is a picture of us last week at a lacrosse game, I was like Tay just pay attention to me, he is a sports guy and I just take pictures of us while he tells me to pay attention. haha me pay attention to sports? that is cute.

To and From

A few posts ago I talked about traveling, I really want to travel and have been looking things up about different countries. Here are the top three countries that I would want to go to tomorrow if i could.
Have a good weekend you lovely stalkers. (kidding please stalk me.)

I cleaned my room so I thought I would show it to you.

p.s. i really appreciate the comments on yesterday's post! i am so glad to see i'm not the only one who feels that way. you guys are awesome. Thanks again. xx

missions and traveling and life


I will be honest, all of this mission craze around me (don't get me wrong, it is a very good thing) has made me wonder what I am doing with my life and what my main goals and purposes are. I think that 99% of my mormon friends that I associated with in high school, boys and girls, are in the process of or have already submitted their papers or are gone already. I am going to a farewell or mission call opening almost every week. 
Although I know that for right now I personally am not supposed to be on a mission, I can't help but wonder what my future might hold. I love missionaries and I look up to them more than anything, but girls my age, DON'T feel pressure to go just because everyone around you is going. They are all wonderful examples of faith, and I am so grateful for all of my friends who are going, but I know that I will have my own personal missionary experiences that are unique to me without being in the mission field. 
It has been hard for me to feel like the only 19 year old girl who isn't going on a mission. I just never had planned on it. Who knows, maybe I will decide to go in the future, but for now, this is where i am supposed to be. 
So in the meantime... I am planning the next twelve months of my life out. I don't feel 100% satisfied with myself unless I am progressing. A mission is a great way to progress, but if a mission isn't for you, then maybe a study abroad program or teaching english somewhere cool might be for you! I know that I am definitely looking into that. I already know that I am doing a study abroad next year and I am so looking forward to it. I love different cultures and while I haven't traveled very far, (canada, mexico) I know that there are many places that I would love to visit, and there are many cultures I would love to explore other than my little Utah bubble. (Although I would say I was already in awe just moving from happy valley to Park City). I want to have many perspectives on life and to come up with my own opinions and my own outlook and I think that knowing about ways that others live their lives might help look at my own life and be more appreciative of it and all that I am blessed with. 
It is all about progression. I really believe that. Progression is so important to me and I always need to feel like I am improving myself. One of the best ways to feel like I am progressing would be to step outside my comfort zone and see different perspectives on the way I live, and the way others live as well.
I am looking forward to a life full of many travels and adventures. I can't wait for you ITALY!

some pictures for your wednesday


Attempting a photo shoot today with Laura and Sara. Umm lets just say it wasn't really working. But where else would I share these photos if not on my blog? I hope that everyone had a nice wednesday.

Random picture from the top of my hike today in the gorgeous 60 degree weather in Park City. 
*** Special tribute to Sara. She is getting her mission call tomorrow and I am so proud of her! She will be amazing wherever she goes. What a strong girl she is. I love you sara!

kind of like a fashion post

I have two loves right now. Camouflage, and baseball hats. Today I was feeling more comfy casual as i shopped the boutiques on main street. Funny how I made it to Main Street in Park City more when I didn't live here. I hadn't been in months so I decided it was time to go. I was so excited when I found the camo and baseball hat altogether in one. It was a good shopping day. Usually i am very opposed to anything that has a logo, but when I found this in the boys section I couldn't turn it down. I almost bought one with a fish on it... thank heavens I found this one instead.

My favorite stores on main: Prospect and Flight Boutique. I usually try to stay away from them because they are very expensive, but I have actually been finding some good deals over the past two times I have been.

it's warming up!


Taylors mission call comes on wednesday!! EEEK! How exciting. how nerve-racking. how good for him.
Yesterday was sunny and warm in salt lake so we decided to hang out outside and have a snowball throwing competition. As someone who has not thrown anything in probably 3 years, i was honestly embarrassed. He plays football and he just laughed at me when my snowball made it like 5 feet and when I threw it directly at the ground. haha oh man.

Selfie Sunday


I'm back for what seems to be the weekly update! Today was a good happy day. Things are good when the church is in your life. Today I spoke in church and I was so nervous! I am never nervous until I sit on the stand and then in the last minute my head spins and I get a very dry mouth and I can't talk loud! It is just awful. But it was a good experience and hopefully i will be good for at least 6 months :)

I have been in a very adventurous mood lately. I am all about hiking and driving around and looking for adventures. I have a few fun adventures lined up for this week since I am on spring break. I am one of those cheesy people who likes to hike and watch the sunset so I am looking forward to doing that. I have found that if I make lists for what I want to do that week, it is easier to stick to a plan and then I don't get lazy and boring! It has really been working for me.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is ready for a new week! I know I am :)

blogging is fuuuun

Still obsessed with the twisted braid/ camo
Laura attempted temporary dreads over the weekend
KAR wash
A little Face time date.
So basically this blog is so random. I really don't even know what the main topic of this blog is other than the total randomness that goes on in my brain. So I appreciate it that there are still some of you who read it even though it may be hard to follow! I guess i just blog for fun! It is therapeutic :)
Well this week was one of those weeks that really tests you. I was sitting in class wondering what i am doing with my life and if it is what I want to be doing. Work was really hard... (terrible twos) and I was just questioning everything that i was faced with. It hit me that Taylor is leaving to India for three weeks this month and that I have no idea what I am going to do while he is gone!! Bless my heart... I need to make friends! I am still working on that. It has been like a year now? What am i going to do when Taylor goes away for two years! (He gets his call in a week) alright I don't really know where i am going with this rant... So forgive me. Again with the "What the heck is this blog about."
Anyway, I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend, and I am sorry but tomorrow is monday so go buy yourself some flowers or something. And Friday was national Peanut Butter day. I didn't celebrate it because I love peanut butter so much that i had to go completely cold turkey off of it before things got out of hand... But for those of you with self control of PB, I hope you ate at lease a peanut butter sandwich this weekend.
Yep. Random.
Ok love you all.
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