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Late night thoughts.

This Christmas break has been an especially good one to me. It has been good to take time to realize just how much have been blessed by the Savior. I have realized just how much I have been given. This time of year is such a great time to take inventory of the things we are blessed with. I am so blessed with family that loves me and supports me and a missionary who is doing amazing things. I am blessed with the gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. How grateful I am to have it in my life and watch its small miracles unfold every single day. I am grateful for sacrifice. Although it is hard, it is worth it and the reward will be great. Sometimes I have a hard time thinking about the end result. I just want to see results now, and to have the trial be over. But I am thankful for the growth and the blessing that come along with it. Sorry for the vagueness. (think missionary...) I don't want to come off as a cry baby. It sucks. and all those girls that are like OMG HAVING A MISSIONARY IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!! I am like WTH is wrong with you. 
I have decided to give up on social media for the time being. I hadn't realized exactly the toll it was taking on my life. It is nothing drastic, but I realized that I was comparing myself to everyone on Instagram and Twitter and then it made me less grateful for the amazing blessings that I had. People only post the happiest, prettiest, most crafty pictures that they take. I am guilty of this also. And I am not saying I will no longer post pictures, because that is most definitely not the case. But I just found it hard to be without my phone, or I found it hard to have my phone and not be checking insta or the twitta. I didn't like that it had that much power over me! I mean... it's just a phone. It is not near as important as the people around me. I don't know how long this will last. But I hope that I am more able to be in the now and not be so worried about people that I don't even know and what they wore that day. I mean really? But don't get me wrong. I love Instagram and Twitter. Who doesn't love tweeting about the hilarious quote of the day? I guess what it comes down to is  that I just want to see if I am more engaged with the people that I love and who are there in person with when I am not on my phone all of the time. And when I do go back on, I am going to have major limitations so that I can be in the now and learn from the people around me. 
I feel so blessed to live the life I live. I am so thankful for the people around me. I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas. 
And if you read late night rants by Karli and finished to this line, good job. You are the reason I like to blog :) Well I have other reasons too but...
Can't wait to share some things with you all soon. It's a wonderful life. 

Gossip girl

JKJK. I have been on a huge Gossip Girl kick. I mean... how could I not be? 
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