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kar's in charge


This weekend I am 110% in charge of two little boys, two dogs, a nice car, a big house and everyones well being. That is a lot of pressure for my 19 year old self to handle! I nanny for a couple who has gone out of town for the weekend and I am so glad that they trust me with their kids for that long. Although i have got to say, I am definitely no where near ready to be a mom. I like my sleep and last night i was woken up ever hour by those two little rascals. I am actually tired today. I can't believe the sacrifices that parents give up to have children! So props to all of you parents out there.
We have a fun weekend planned! A trip to the Zoo, the Dinosaur Museum and swim lessons. Hopefully they sleep better the next two nights, but if not I will sure be more grateful for a good nights sleep and make sure that i don't take that for granted. I love you sleep, see you in a few nights.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend! So glad it is warming up here. Thanks for reading! xxzzzzzzzz

Sunset on the golf course

for sure my favorite picture of the weekend!
Life is pretty great, ya know? That is all that i have to say today. also, a picture i took in this exact spot two years ago here.

A Weekend in St. George

My family used to take little trips like this all of the time. There was a point where we would go down about every other weekend to visit grandparents while my parents rode their bikes for the St. George Ironman. Jaime has been in Ukraine for four months, and Rachel and Luke just moved back from Rexburg so even though i had to come back early, it reminded me of those days where everyone could leave school or work and just be together as a family. It is getting much harder to do little vacations like this one, and it just felt extra special. Especially since Taylor was able to come. It was so warm and beautiful and we couldn't have asked for better wearther. 
The water was freezing. Like beyond cold, so we were proud to have jumped off this little rock.
If it had been warmer, we would have swam to these rocks in the middle of the lake and jumped off,
but we didn't want anyone to get hypothermia. I jumped, can you believe it?
We put sunscreen on each other, but apparently we both kinda suck at it... It was worst than it looks. 
They're expecting! Baby Boy coming August 2013!

a vacation and a video

You guys drum roll please... Da dun na na, I am going to HAWAII! I am so beyond excited to go and visit my sister Jaime while she is living on the beach for a month. I am going in june so that is just enough time to get myself all prepared. I have been wanting to go to the beach for quite some time now, so this seriously seems like the perfect opportunity to do that. If I don't spend all of the money that I have right now on flights and food, I would love to go sailing. Another thing I have been wanting to do for forever! I can honestly hear the hawaiians telling me Aloha right now. I will be there so soon my hawaiian friends!!
I am a little excited, can't you tell? ;)

Also, I love this video so much. I am sure that almost any girl can relate to this video in some way. We see ourselves completely different than others see us. It is really sad that we tend to compare our weeknesses to other girls strengths. This video was really inspiring to me to not always look at what I don't like about myself, but to focus on the things i do like instead.

I hope everyone's week is going well! And if any of you have finals this week or next, good luck! I know that i'll need it...

over the weekend.


I hope you all had a nice weekend! My weekend was great. My sister and her husband moved back from Rexburg to Park City so we moved them in, got some mexican food and went to church. Not in that order... we didn't go get mexican food then go straight to church. We got mexican food on saturday, just to clear that up;) but I have a very busy next couple of weeks with school, so wish me luck with that, because I will need it. Hope everyone had a nice relaxing sunday. Because you deserve it. Thanks for reading!

Mountain Girl.

I have lived in the mountains pretty much my entire life and I love it. I have always thought I would love living in the city, but no matter what, the mountains are where I belong. I love the coziness and the  lifestyle. I love that everyone here in Park City walks around in Lulu Lemon, even at the grocery store, and that the people here wear ski pants not just on the ski hill, but when it is cold. Everyday there are people biking or cross country skiing depending on the weather. It is really a whatever comfy/casual outfit you want to wear kind of place and I am all about that. Before I moved up here, I always wanted to look fancy and girly, but that changed when I came to school way over dressed only to realize that majority of the people here wore sweats and spandex. I would wear a skirt and people would be so confused. It was hard at first to let myself wear comfy things, but now that i have converted I love it!
But don't get me wrong... I still love to dress up when it is right, but when I find a cute and totally comfy outfit, I just have to share!
Annnddd a Selfie. You're welcome.
Oh and don't worry that I am still obsessed with my hat. I had a hard workout today and my hair was pretty sweaty... TMI? Sorry. but it was, and so naturally the hat was my go to.
xx Kar

On my #LDSconf weekend.

Took my boy Bauer on a walk before conference. Love that boy.
I got these shoes at TJ MAXX for $20! 
Bauer and I posing. We are so cool. 
I made Andee this little lunch in between saturday sessions. It's a little bunny!
This weekend was great. It really was. On friday I went on a date with my parents to our favorite to El Chubasco (our favorite Mexican restaurant). They were so lucky to have me join them. haha. But the greatest part was picking Taylor up from the airport on saturday night on his way home from India. Two weeks and a day later I am happy to say that we both survived. Well almost. We spent the next 28 hours together... Bless our hearts. It was a long two weeks but it was worth it! He loved it.
Also this weekend was my favorite thing that comes every 6 months, General Conference. I seriously love those two weekends of the year. What better way to spend a weekend than sitting and snuggling listening to our church leaders. Seriously, so great. My mom made our traditional cinnamon rolls, which I regret to say that even though I am doing the Paleo Diet, I ate one. and I loved every single bite.
I hope that every one had a nice weekend! And Happy monday. It's snowing here today so thats cool. Thanks for reading! xx

20 things.


1. I do not like hot water... oddly hot tubs are my favorite, it just takes me 10 minutes to inch my way in.

2. Although Peanut Butter is my favorite thing in the world, I haven't eaten it in 2 months because I am trying to be healthy! (That is some will power, especially for me)

3. I like to be in the airport, but once i was on a flight and there was turbulence and at that point i decided I would rather just crash because I was so scared. (a bit dramatic I know)

4. I hate feeling stress, especially over school and I hate it when people tell me they are stressing about their A-. I am just like "yo, an A- is perfectly acceptable, get over it."

5. I work out to One Direction.

6. I hate running but love it at the same time.

7. I have a fear of fish. Snorkeling freaks me out.

8. I am weirdly good at driving in reverse.

9. If I could go anywhere in the world tomorrow I would go to Prague. (My sister was there last week and said it is to die for.)

10. I want to travel and be so adventurous, but I can't even move 20 minutes away without coming home every other day. That is something I definitely need to work on.

11. I hate being put on the spot, especially in class. I am like "uhhh umm errr uhhh, what was the question?" Red in the face and all. no good.

12. Speaking of being red in the face, that is a frequent occurrence.

13. When I was in the fourth grade I came home every single day for six months and had my mom check my hair for lice. Even though I never had it, I didn't believe her and so she eventually would have to have the school nurse tell me i didn't have it. I was a fourth grader who was that worried about my hair...

14. I am 5'10" and sometimes i don't like stand next to short people when I wear high heels. Things just get awkward for both of us.

15. I can't hardly nap anymore because I feel like there is just too much that needs to get done in a day.

16. Sweet potato fries are my favorite things in the whole entire world.

17. I am really good at remebering peoples faces. Sometimes to a fault. Then I ask people how I know them and they have no idea. It's probably just because I helped them at BCBG or saw them at the grocery store.

18. I love swimming laps. I could do it all day.

19. I am 19.

20. I have always had a fear of getting in trouble. when I was in third grade I went to the restroom without telling the substitute and she told me she was going to call my mom. I cried so hard at recess. My mom wouldn't have been mad, i just cried because she said that in front of my whole class! Trauma. Also I hate when people honk at me or flip me off while driving, i take that stuff personally.

fur and leather and juicy

hello everyone! I just wanted to share some quick photos here on my blog today. I hope that you are all having a good week! Keep your chin up folks because tomorrow is thursday which means the day after that is friday. So exciting.
Ohh and about my outfit// the scarf is from Shade for $12, the jacket is Juicy, the vest is BCBG, The shirt is from somewhere but i don't know where, the pants are also BCBG, and the Shoes are DSW. if you wanted to know ;)
You guys, I really miss ballet. (so funny because every time i wear stretchy pants, I just want to stretch!)
Thank you for reading! you guys rock. Love you. 
xx, Kar

April Fools?

I am definitely trying to look at mondays as more of a positive thing than a negative thing. especially a monday that is April Fools day. haha what even is April fools? isn't there some sort of rule that jokes must stop at noon or something? Who honestly knows...
I am looking forward to this month because school will be finished and I just feel like Aprils are very promising. I hope everyone accomplished a lot in March! It was a successful month, but i am ready for bigger and better things... ya know? Like SUMMER!

*pants are from Urban outfitters and shirt is pac sun.

a few pictures from my easter

before all of the food... and a sleeping dog.
^..^ bunny ear muffins (that i couldn't eat)
Happy Easter again! My day was spent at church, sleeping, eating a ham dinner and watching the TV series the bible which is amazing. Seriously. They did an amazing job making it and it made my easter much more meaningful to see what Christ really went through. I would definitely recommend it.
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