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Last Night at Vinto

Last night we had a little family gathering at Vinto. Let me tell you guys, Vinto is the best. They even have gluten free pizza which puts me in heaven. I know that I have posted about Vinto before, but you guys need to get your little behinds into this restaurant. You will not regret it. Also, I am kind of in love with this rain. Because I have had a lazy and sick day, the rain just makes cuddling up in my bed all the more enjoyable.
Man oh man i love where i live. Park City always feels like a vacation, especially when we go out on the town. My parents just bought some property here in Park City so we are building a house come September. I am moving into a little condo for the time being. This will be like my fifth time moving this year, it will be 6 times in the fall when I go to Utah State in the fall!
I hope that you have all had a nice week so far! Thanks for reading.

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