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E.R. Trip (no pun)

Veggie Omelette from our favorite breakfast/lunch place in Logan Herm's Inn

I made it black and white so the blood wouldn't gross you out! 
Well this sure isn't my typical post. I am not posting about pretty flowers or anything like that! Last week was our spring break and we spent half of it in SLC/ PC staying with family and the other half in Logan working and chilling. We had my cousin and his Fiancè staying with from Friday to Monday. 

This is where my weekend went wrong and let me tell you I laugh about it now but it was one of the scariest things I has ever had happen to me!! 

On Sunday night we had just finished Sunday dinner (Roast and potatoes) and Taylor and I had Laura (my sister) and my cousins over at our house. Usually on Sunday nights I get really hyper. Well our night had turned out to be a dance party blasting music on our Bose speaker when obvi things got out of hand if you see the above photo^^^. I was dancing on the twin mattress that was pushed up against our sectional, and I lost balance and fell and hit my head on the arm of our couch. My initial thought was "OH MY GOSH THAT HURT SO BAD" then I was like ok I can't breathe because I think I got the wind knocked out of me. My cousin is certified in First aid and he was like umm she is bleeding we need to go to the hospital. Well I couldn't see the blood so I was kind of freaking out because they were like you are fine but inside I was so scared!! I then was sobbing. I was thinking of all of the things that could go wrong like I would have to shave my head and get stitches or have a memory problem. At this time I was getting the chills but felt so hot at the same time. I was so scared. 

We got to the ER and they wheeled me into my room and the nurses came and hooked me up to the machines to check my vitals. Then they start looking at me head and they were like "Where is all of this blood coming from" they couldn't find where the cut was. The nurses looked really concerned when they first saw my head but after they saw it was minor, we were all cracking jokes. They found my giant goose egg and then saw that there was a cut a centimeter wide on that goose egg. I am the luckiest person in the world. I didn't even have to get one stitch. So beside the constant headache I have had today, I am feeling pretty darn good about life. But you can never be too careful! Especially with head injuries. 

I know Heavenly Father was watching over me!! I am glad I went to all three hours of church yesterday. I am not even kidding you I think that is why I was so blessed!! 

Look at my tay in that pic. He was the best. He just sat by me and rubbed my arm and gave me calf massages while they looked at my head. I am seriously the luckiest!! He also drove like a bat out of hell to get me to the hospital. Now I know what it will be like when I am in labor!! hahahaha. 

Anyway. Hope you all had a nice break/weekend!! I know besides my Er incident I did!! 

Thanks for reading :) 
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