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Free Fallin'

lauren conrad

I have been looking forward to Fall. Fall is my favorite season. I love that all of the trees on the Park City Mountain are changing color, that it is almost too cold for shorts, and that it is the first day of October tomorrow which means BuckFest at the Maverik ($1 Hot Chocolate at the Mav during October. . . Best thing ever).
Oh Man. . . I am just so happy right now. I don't know if it is because Rachel is visiting from BYU-I and that Jaime came home so we are the furious 5 again, or because I started my skate program to Free Fallin' by John Mayer and I love it so much. Or maybe I am happy because a bit of change in someones life is almost always a good thing and that it keeps things entertaining and interesting. Whatever it is one thing is for sure, I am happy, a simple kind of happy, and I love it.

Park City Homecoming

{Dinner on Main Street, Park City}

{When you don't have a date to impress... you order this}

{I am telling you, you ALWAYS have to get a mirror pic at dances.}

Our date pictures. America's Next Top Model status.

I can tell you that the entire night, I could not stop laughing.

Night makers:
  • Curling Alisa's hair in the car
  • Quoting She's the Man and Baby Mama throughout the entire night
  • Ordering a hamburger with Alisa because we didn't have dates to impress
  • Playing cards in the lobby of the lodge when we got sick of dancing
  • Whipping our hair back and forth. (I can't really move my neck to well today)
  • Having Sara's date pick her up... and Alisa... and me...
  • Making two more best friends.

l e t t e r s

I am feeling a bit on the old fashion side since my new house is what you could say old fashion. (sorry for the repeat but there is really no other way to describe it. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but my bath tub is pink ;)  I know that with all of the new technology these days, writing actual handwritten letters with an actual piece of paper is old school, but I got my first handwritten letter from a missionary in the mail and I was so excited! Something about ripping the envelope open and reading the letter inside is more entertaining than pressing open or send on the computer.

Now I am determined to send more letters in the mail.


p.s. first day at Park City High tomorrow! so nervous.

Good Morning from Park City


Last night was our first night in our new house. It is a strange adjustment but
I think I can get used to it :) especially if i get to wake up to this everymorning.

I see signs of Fall and I am getting so excited!
The leaves are starting to change color and it is getting colder at night.
 Something about cuddling up with a blanket, a chick flick, and a cup of Hot Chocolate sounds lovely.


I am moving this weekend? Can you believe it? Well it is true. I am moving to Park City this weekend. I will no longer be an Orem Tiger. I am going to now be a Park City Miner.  I am so scared for the first day of school (this monday) when I walk through the doors of my new high school as the new girl. I am a senior in high school now, can you say adventure?

I thought it would be so much easier than it has been. The first time the reality of it hit me was when I was in my English class. Yeah talk about bad timing. My teacher (we'll call him Downsie) asked why I hadn't signed up for concurrent enrollment for his class. My response... " I am moving" and after that, I burst into tears, in front of the whole class... NBD! He gave me a box of his soft tissues and told me he had a whole other box if I  ran out. He is such a sweet man.

Then I had to go around to each of my classes and get a signature from each teacher. I had to pull myself together between each of my classes so I wouldn't go in crying. I am trying to be strong but I am genuinely scared... but who isn't up for a little adventure in their lives? I am trying to positive because Park City has so much to offer, it is just so hard after all that I have been through with everyone in Orem.

It has to be the right thing if everything keeps falling into place though right?


I am thankful for my friends who are so good to me... even when I am an emotional wreck.

I LOVE the song Paradise by Cold Play.

I am thankful for soft tissues (thanks to Downsie :)

I am excited and nervous and happy and sad all at the same time.

Wish me luck as my life is about to change!!!



Homecoming 2011

{Dress from BCBG}

{at the dance}

{classic bathroom picture}

{Me and Devin}

Homecoming was a blast! My date was such a gentleman. Thank you so much Dev for a lovely night :)

My favorites for now.


Isn't this watch wonderful? Yeah if you were willing to spend $250!
I will do the research and find it for cheaper :) Any suggestiong?

I saw these at Nordstrom the other day. I would go with the silver. They are so pretty!

Lately I have been loving the nude color nail polish.

I got my homecoming dress from this lovely place yesterday!
I will post pictures by the beginning of next week.

I know that it is almost time for the closed toed shoes and all but
I have just been in love with my nude wedges!

Life's Little Instructions

Say please and thank you. Call a friend. Write a letter. Never turn down homemade brownies. Remember peoples birthdays. Say "hi" to a stranger. Bake something. Meditate often. Take long walks. Take risks. Don't be afraid to fall in love. Keep secrets. Say I love you. Laugh. Give hugs. Count your blessing. Don't expect life to be fair. Always accept an outreached hand. Be easily inspired. Be the first to hello. Make eye contact. Listen to others. Always be different. Rekindle old friendships. Strive for excellence, not perfection. Kiss. Ponder. Never turn down an adventure. Look your best. Smile. Be there when people need you. Ask if you can help, don't be asked. Drop by unexpectedly with treats. Be confident. Make new friends, cherish old ones. Share your talents. Be genuine. Be accepting. Include everyone. Give 100%. Be yourself.

{Inspired by a good friend}

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