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Spring time!

It actually felt like spring today! It was a very warm 68 degrees. I was very pleased. Obviously me and LJ aren't going to let this warm day pass us by, so, to celebrate the weather, we went to both a soccer and baseball game to support our boys. Both games were against our rivals... Mountain View.

I got a new photo app on my phone and we got a little carried away :)

At the soccer game

At the baseball game

I sure do love.

When I came home, we had a very spring-time-ish meal. Burgers, fries, fruit and salad.
I just hope it stays this warm!


I did ballet for the longest time, after 8 years, I decided it was time for me to make a decision on whether or not to pursue it. It came to the point(e)punny... haha.) where plies and pirouettes didn't really sound as fun anymore. It was such a time consuming event in my life that i decided to take a break. I really did love it but i was just so worn out.

Once i decided to quit (I hate that word), I started going to yoga which I love! but, I have found my absolute passion. ice skating. I am kind of-sort of a beginner but I feel that because I am so in LOVE with it, it is so much easier for me to learn. I have such a great coach. She has taught me so much!

This weekend I went to the Adjustment Bureau with Hil and Jake. I loved the main girl in it, Emily Blunt. Her character was a dancer. I don't know if she is a real dancer or not but i think that she did a great job. It really made me miss ballet so much. If my skating wasn't so time consuming, I would definitely get back into it.

dancing in the movie

Emily Blunt

(google images)

Hari Krishna!


 On Saturday my mom and I went prom dress shopping. I was so lucky that they had the dress that i wanted and it was my size! It worked out pretty great. So I am now set with a dress.

After shopping, I met up with my friends (Hil, Zo, Jake and Kyle) who had waited for me forever to finish shopping. We headed to the Festival of Colors. So crazy there! It was kind of gross because it had rained and everything was muddy and chalky. I was wearing some sandals because I wore them shopping and they were the only shoes I had, I was basically walking through the mud bare foot! soo Gross! Other than that, we really did have such a fun time! Such a fun experience and a great place to people watch! ( The red chalk stained my blond hair... kinda upset, but at the same time, kinda cool looking.) It is definitely something you have to experience at least once in your life!

A few photos:

So many people!

The crew before

and after.

What a day!

First things first. . . I made student concil for next year! It is going to be such a great year and all of my good friends are going to be on it with me! That was one big stress reliever!
After that i had skating. It was just another normal day at the rink, but i was falling a lot. I guess that means that i am trying harder?

Tonight our school did a fundraiser dance for Japan. Zo, me and Lize made some sweet shirts to support those in Japan. We sure did some awesome hair-ography during the DP. ( I think I whipped my hair a little to hard though.)

Our Dancing for Japan shirts. We wouldn't have taken the picture in a mirror,
but no one was home to take it for us so we had no other choice. . .

Lizas has Japanese Cherry Blossoms on it. Zozo's is just legit. . . and mine, just a red circle.

Of course the night doesn't end just because the dance does. The party goes on! We went to Yogurtland after with Jake and Kyle. Hil and I shared a Red Velvet and Cheesecake Ice cream, with cookie dough and brownie bits. SOOO yum!

Hil and I love the biodegradable spoons..

Such a great day! I am just happy that the stress is gone!


I am thankful for that darling little 10 year old girl who came and sat by me when i was alone at skating.  (haha I have no friends there :)

I am sad that Spoon Me is no longer there! I almost cried. I loved that place and sure will miss it! i guess i will have to move on to the next best thing...  I still have to find it.

I am happy it is strawberry season.

I hated that it was snowing in March!

I love Droid!

I am stressed... it's the end of term. enough said.

I love the song What Are Words.(by chris medina)

I am lucky to have such great friends. 

I am excited for the weekend!

happiness and favorites

A few favorites of this week.

Rae made us these cupcakes today. Red velvet from scratch and soooo good!

New nail polish, so cute and it stays on forever!
All time favorite. Lo and I watched this movie. So funny!
Even if i have seen it 100 imes.

Bridal fairs... after doing my required 5, i have almost planned my whole wedding :)

Even though it is only sunday, I am so ready for the weekend!

Lo and the fair.

This morning I woke up and drove to Thanksgiving Point for another bridal fair. I got there and we had our hair and make up done by the Forum. I actually liked my hairdo a lot! Maybe i will do it for prom? They used airbrush to do our makeup this time. It was crazy! I have never seen that done before! I got into my wedding dress and got ready for the fashion show. We learned our walk and then did the show. I wore three different dresses and I loved them all! After the show was over, we stood there for 3 hours in our dresses. That was the last bridal fair that i had to do this year. Once this year is over, I am going to miss every one at allyse's bridal!

After the fair, me and Lola (lil sis) hung out. she is the funniest girl ever! she always makes me laugh so hard!

Right afer I took my hairdo was so stiff from the hairspray! rough.



Last night, I went to Gurus in provo with Zozo and Mads. It was awesome there and I loved the atmospehere in that little place. It was so cozy. We listened to Allred play his guitar and sing for 2 hours. He was so amazing! We fell in love (with his voice). At least I did!
ben, kar, allred, zo, mads

More pictures from d.c.

Jackie Kennedy!

My favorite memorial.

Line up for d.c. cupcakes

model shots by the metro :)

I have an obsession with townhouses...

this is what three days of walking and late nights will do to you.


D.C was such an amazing experience... being out on my own with the coolest people ever, having fun adventures, getting lost, riding the metro, going to all the sites, d.c cupcakes, cute lamposts and our adorable condo. I was so depressed that it was coming to an end!

Our plane landed and I get through the terminal and there he was with a super nice tux, a sign that says PROM and some flowers. Everyone around us was cheering. It felt like a movie scene! It was seriously the cutest way to ever get asked to a dance. Junior Prom let alone. I am so excited! That was the absolute perfect way to end a perfect week. It was such a surprise and i could not be happier!

Thanks Jake! :)

Washington D.C!

 I loved Washington D.C! Last week I went to D.C with a few people from my school. We went to learn more about the government and all of the historical sites. I fell in love with the east! (not that i wasn't in love already) We went on tours and went to a few of the museums there. We went through the White House and went to all the monuments as well. It was such a great experience! My favorite part of all was Georgetown! We went to Georgetown Cupcakes (d.c. cupcakes the tlc show) and they were so delicious! The houses there were so cute! I could absolutely live in that town. Who knows... maybe i will!

starting off on our trip :)

Rex from Night at the Museum.

 d.c cupcakes!
The coolest girls ever, zo and liza

I LOVED D.C and everything about it.

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