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Happy Howlloween!


Last night I drove my sister and her bff to Logan to show them around campus. I am trying to get her excited for college, and I think that it worked! She is so excited to come to USU next year. and I can't wait for her to come! We went to the Howl, let me tell you, lots of gross sweaty people, it was 30 dollars, and we drove a total of 3.5 hours there and back. but still worth the sacrifice ;) I missssss Logan, I miss friends, I miss school, I miss design, I miss independence. I can't wait to go back soon!!

Red Butte Cafe

Can't get over the view at the top of Canyons Resort in a beautiful home we visited. 
On Saturday I got together with this cuties. It was so good for me to get out of the house (away from illustrator) for a night and be social. Something I am trying to work on!! What a fun night. We have plans for this weekend as well which I am looking forward too!! 
I had a great weekend. I was recently called as the first councilor in the Relief Society of my YSA ward. I think it will be a very good thing for me. I need to reach out side of myself and serve others. That is always a good way to find happiness. I went climbing and had good conversation with a good friend. It was needed. 
Not to mention being inspired!! I have a good friend who helped me set up my new PRINT SHOP. We talked ideas for quite some time and I am excited to work with her. You can see her shop HERE
I am happy. I hope you are too.

Mr. Giraffe & BIG NEWS!


Hello my lovely friends. I have BIG NEWS!!! I have a new print shop online!!!  Go to this link HERE (or the link at the top of my blog called SHOP... to see my latest design baby. (ok never again saying using that sentence...) I can not wait for this you guys. This is truly the thing that makes me most happy. Spread the word!! I can't wait to see what this has in store for me!! Thank you guys for supporting me in what I love to do. 

More portraits


San Francisco Print & 2 years


In honor of mine and Tay's 2 year since our first date anniversary, I made a San Francisco print. I know I have talked a ton about San Fran on my blog, but dreams do come true people. I can't wait to live there. I am obsessed with prints recently if you can't tell. If you follow my @kar_ligraphy account, you will see that I am doing custom prints! If you are interested, email me and I will get started on that right away! Email me with any questions! Can't wait to make a portrait for you <3. 

Picture from our first date October 13, 2012. We went to the haunted forrest and I was all over him pretending to be so scared. I stepped on his new shoes and got mud all over them... oops. Then we went to his house and watched movies until 3 am... Somehow he had a curfew at 12, and we still got away with it. I have loved him ever since.  Our first kiss was one week later. then I kissed him everyday until he left on August 14, 2013. 9 more months!!!! DYING. I love you TAY TAY!!
Do I age or no. Why do I look the exact same, just red hair. Why. Oh ya, and I have that poncho. I would live in it if I could. Is it weird that I have half of his closet in my closet? 
I had to post that pic of him on his motorcycle. I love him! He is pretty sexy. Men and Motortcycles.

Watercolor Cards

This should have been posted like last monday, but better late than never! These are a few watercolor cards I did during General Conference. I was looking on Pinterest for cute water color ideas, and these are what I found to try my hand at!! Also, there is a tutorial on the floral card up there, HERE. Her blog is so cute and helpful for anyone trying to learn calligraphy or anything!! She is so helpful and does tons of tutorials and things like that. 
I love sending snail mail. I don't know if it is because I have a missionary and that is one of the only ways that we have contact, or what. But sending things in the mail has really become one of my hobbies. 

Lola is 18!


LDS Conference Weekend


Am I a mom or no? 

Mr. Moose at the house I nanny for. 
More baby selfies. I apologize. Also for all the pics I post when they are actually my babies. 
It was Laura's birthday on friday. My parents got her and her friends a condo in Deer Valley for the night. I was planning on staying up there with them, but then my cousin Maegan came down from Canada, and we decided we wanted to go to the Neon Trees concert in Provo. It was such a blast. We pushed our way all the way to the front. People were really annoyed with us but we didn't care because we were having too much fun. 
We also went to the saturday morning General Conference session. It was so fun to get together with some old friends. We also did a little shopping. We actually stayed in SLC all day. We ended up going to Alamexo for dinner, and let me just say I don't really understand what all of the fuss is about... In my opinion it was just overpriced Mexican food. $10 for Guacamole? Who honestly wants to spend that? Anyway... I had a great weekend and I thank Maegan for bringing me out of my comfort zone. I hope you all had a beautiful General Conference fall weekend!!

Lola's birthday video.


I made this video last year for Laura's birthday. I can't wait for her birthday weekend!! I love that bae.

Love you like XO

I had to post that selfie of him because that is the first mirror selfie he has ever taken and I was so proud.
Sometimes I have so much I want to say, but then I decide I better not say anything because you will all think I am the crazy missionary who cries at any thing. I will let you decide if that is who I am. I wish I was stronger. I really do. It is hard knowing who you want to marry and having him be no where in sight! Oh gosh. Enough about that.
Anywho people, I am on a roller coaster of feeling good, then I feel sick the next day. (I am referring to my auto immune disease btw...) but it is incredibly hard and honestly str8 up exhausting. Time to figure this shi* out.
I promise I don't really have a potty mouth, but there really are times where it helps the situation...
I am loving this fall weather!! But I am not ready for winter... Let it be fall forever so I can always burn my "Marshmallow Fireside" candle I bought. I can't stop talking about how good it smells .
Is it really October?
I like October.
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