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On Saturday my friend and I went to the MKTO and Nico and Vinz concert.
It was seriously a blast, and it only cost one dollar. Best dollar ever spent. 

Writing more letters because soon enough I won't have anyone to write!
Which isn't a bad thing ;)

This was a project I made for my 3D design class. I literally spent 8 hours drilling out the center.
It was the hardest thing ever!! If you want me to post how I did it I would be happy too :) If anyone cares!
This is my little work space at my internship for ALTRA. I like my little spot! 
Ok I am officially dying. 100 days! I never thought it would come, and tomorrow we will be in the double digits! I am so excited/ nervous ETC!
Hope you are all having a great week! 

Jackson Video

Here is a quick little video I made of our trip to Jackson this weekend!! Here are some of my other cheesy videos as well--->Kar on Vimeo



This year was our second year going to Jackson Hole for a weekend. It was so much fun! Lots of bike rides and eating out at delicious restaurants. I love resort towns. I always die of laughter with my family. Today had a throwing competition, (some how every time we get together there is always some sort of competition...) this competition was between my mom and I, and when I went to throw my rock, I slipped and fell in the mud.  We tried two other times and I was still horrible at throwing things! I am the worst thrower in my family and I can't let that be the case. I need throwing lessons. HELP!!! 
Gosh it is so beautiful at the Tetons!! I am a mountain girl FOREVER and ever!
Bring it on Monday!!



Hi. So here we go again. More selfies, because I am so glamorous and I don't have people to take pics of me... or money to pay people to take pics. So you get selfies. I am sorry!! Most glamorous blog award I know. 

Anyway... Can I please just vent my brains out? I like making lists if you haven't noticed already. 

// only 3 months and 20 more days-16 more weeks-112 days,  worth of letters and emails to communicate and then I get the real deal!!! Hallelujah. I am so anxious it is unreal. I am like WHERE THE CRAP IS TAYLOR. I ask myself that all the time. Obvi I know the answer. I think I am the most impatient person. HURRY HOME PLEASE TAY TAY! 

// I am going to Jackson Hole for the weekend!! HERE are some pics of my trip there last year with my family. I am really looking forward to it, even if it is only one day!! Craving the buffalo burger I had last year. 

// I am craving Mexican food like crazy... Chipotle or anything I don't care I just need it always!

// So excited for summer!!! Bring it on. Only one more semester until I get to have a summer break. (summer school... go ahead and laugh.)

Thanks for reading!! xoxo

PS. The easter bunny bought me the cutest lipstick: CHATTERBOX



Bedazzled eggs of course. 

A couple of my favorite things, I love Easter and I love General Conference! This weekend was so awesome. I got to go to the conference center with one of my best friends! On sunday morning we had our annual Easter Egg hunt, but this time we had a hunt across the street from my house in Park City with a forest and a stream. It was the most fun egg hunt! I always love Easter because now it is spring and we are onto summer! I hope you all had a great weekend! xoxo

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