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Today I miss.


You guys I feel so dumb because I could not figure out for the life of me how to upload a vimeo video on my blog. I finally did, so I am putting all of my videos on here one day at a time. Don't be mad k? I made this one a year ago as well!

Switzerland Video Finally!!


Wow, Switzerland honestly changed my life. There are many things that I learned that are too personal for me to share on here, but I thing the biggest thing that I gained from Switzerland was seeing things a different way. Stepping out of my little Utah bubble and seeing life from a different perspective. Another thing that I learned was how to really ponder and think. We had a lot of time on trains and planes and boats where I just felt at peace. I was really able to ponder and think about my life and how I am living it and what I truly want out of life. Going to Switzerland has made me a more creative individual, and has helped me find inspiration wherever I go. I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to go! Here is a little video I made if you are interested :)

Marshmallow Fireside


My favorite candle. Makes my room smell like smores and campfire without all the bugs and tents. 
It is amazing. I bought it at the Bath and Body Works outlet in PC. 
My 3 new favorite Nail Polish colors. 
Aspens I LOVE YOU.
The leaves up here...
My favorite song by John Mayer. I have John Mayer obsessions. Age of Worry. 
Calligraphy practice, Sometimes I practice calligraphy quotes I found on Pinterest...
and I love Pride and prejudice so yeah, this one was perfect. 
This man is amazing. He also suggested we take a selfie. Love you DEANO!!
I found myself getting emotional at a wedding I went to last night. (I wasn't even in the ceremony... bless my heart.)
It made me miss my man. Note to self... don't go to weddings when you miss your missionary. bad idea. 

I spent the weekend with the Brands. (Tays family) it was so great. On Friday night I went to dinner with Tay's mom at this new Mexican restaurant in Holladay. Taco chips, guac and tacos. Nothing I love more. Then I had a sleepover with Tay's sister. We went to breakfast and a movie on saturday with everyone and it was so much fun. Love that family. So glad they let me come around even though Taylor isn't here :)

On repeat:
Not Too Late by Nora Jones
Ben Howard pandora
Alone by Trampled by Turtles
XO by John Mayer

Family Portraits?

A little print I put together of Tay and I. It sits in a cute frame on my window, also, I made it into a cute card to send to him. I just love design. I have been happy so I can't complain!!
Let me make you a little print of your family/lover k? Contact me :) The first few I do will be cheap!!!

Mr. Raccoon


On sunday I held a racoon. No bid deal. It was pretty crazy. I was kinda scared. His name is Sam. Steveo is his dad. I love that family!
On another note, man am I feeling inspired lately. I am non stop working on something that I love. Whether that be blogging, photography, or designing. I have some cute prints to show you all. I am obsessed with all things graphic design. Hoping for a cool Graphic Design opportunity I am applying for. It would be a dream. Life is good and I am happy. I haven't been able to say that in a while. I think that it is a mix of feeling good and healthy, and doing things that I love doing. Thank you all for reading. I love you.

Fall Favorites

Favorites this week:
-Heart of Dixie. So cheesy and so cute
-50 mm 
-Quinoa (breakfast bowls, pizza, you name it!)
-Chocolate covered coffee beans
-Sauna. It is my new favorite past time and makes my skin feel so good. Nothing like a good sweat. 
-My sister Rachel. I am lucky to have her and William around
-It has been almost a whole week of no stomach aches. This could be a record. In maybe 8 years. (besides my period and a cold... One thing goes and another thing comes. I'll take it.)



I got to play with my little nephew Will all day. I can't believe he is already one. I mean... WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? By the time he is two, my tay will be home. YES.  (the little boys I nanny call him Wills, and I love it so much that is what I call him now.)


I went down to old town the other day to take some pictures for my dad's companies WEBSITE. I love Park City right now. It is straight up gorgeous. All of the leaves are changing and I just love it!!


Calligraphy to my man
Tay and I are planning to move to San Fransisco within the next three years if things go as planned.  He sends my little reminders like the 49ers blanket he sent me a few months ago, and this 49ers hat that he sent about a month ago. Basically I don't enjoy football, but I made a promise to myself that I would understand football by the time he comes back.
So I figured I would watch the 49ers tonight, but obvi I am super into it as I blog while I watch...
As for that pizza, It is straight up homemade Quinoa crust, with homemade pesto. All things that are compliant with my very strict eating lifestyle. If you want the recipe I can post it!
This is my favorite house in Utah. I don't know if I love it because it is in Tays neighborhood and it brings back good memories of him, or what. But I am in love with this house and want to live in it someday. 
Sundays are usually the only day of the week that I get ready, so I gotta document it. 
I was scrolling through my pics the other day and I just can't get over this one. He is the manliest man. I miss him. 
The 49ers hat I was talking about earlier!

Wheeler Farms in Holladay is just the cutest little farm.
I love taking the boys I nanny there for picnics and wandering and what not.
 If you ever have a chance, it is very relaxing and very pretty there!
Sorry that I can't get over my missionary... actually not sorry at all! 10 months. I can do this. I have some big decisions to make. Damn. I hate making decisions!!
Have a good week all of you :)

Donut ask me to share these.


So its no secret that I have pretty crazy diet restrictions. Well as I am still a girl with cravings, sometimes I need to give into those cravings and treat myself. My sister Rachel and I have been doing what we call "fall baking days" for three years now. It is where we dedicate an entire afternoon to baking and we always make some sort of fun popcorn and another treat. Today seemed like the perfect day because it totally felt like Fall with all of the thunder showers and rain. This year we make candy corn popcorn, and sugar and cinnamon donuts.
The donuts were a win because the are Gluten free, egg free, and dairy free (except the butter) and those are all things that I have to stay away from. I have not had a donut in the longest time, and so these were just plain heaven.

I found the donut recipe HERE. I promise you will not be disappointed.


Hi, Marry me. 
There are some things my sweet missionary does that just make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I have to say, I am impressed with his ability to make me feel loved even from a few states away. (thank heavens he is in the states. Big man upstairs new I wouldn't be able to handle it if I had to wait 3 months for my letters. Waiting a week almost kills me...)
My love, Elder Brand has 324 days left. I can't wait to be there for him when he gets off the plane. Everyday we are apart I just love and appreciate him more and more. I really am thankful that I have something to miss this much. It makes the bad days seem a little better. I am also learning things like all kinds of new emotions that I have never really experienced until he left. Things like actual heart ache (not fun for sure, but it does reassure me of my feelings for him). My parents have always said "if you can't live without them, they are the one". Well speaking from experience, I am not so sure I could live without my Tay. So lets hurry this mission thing up. I am in love with that boy. He is incredible to me. (like getting the best surprise gift in the mail from him on our one year mission anniversary... He could not have picked it better. HERE)  he knows me so well.
I am usually one to hide my feelings. but I just can't hold it in! I love you Elder Brand!! Forever.
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