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This weekend I am 110% in charge of two little boys, two dogs, a nice car, a big house and everyones well being. That is a lot of pressure for my 19 year old self to handle! I nanny for a couple who has gone out of town for the weekend and I am so glad that they trust me with their kids for that long. Although i have got to say, I am definitely no where near ready to be a mom. I like my sleep and last night i was woken up ever hour by those two little rascals. I am actually tired today. I can't believe the sacrifices that parents give up to have children! So props to all of you parents out there.
We have a fun weekend planned! A trip to the Zoo, the Dinosaur Museum and swim lessons. Hopefully they sleep better the next two nights, but if not I will sure be more grateful for a good nights sleep and make sure that i don't take that for granted. I love you sleep, see you in a few nights.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend! So glad it is warming up here. Thanks for reading! xxzzzzzzzz

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