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On my #LDSconf weekend.

Took my boy Bauer on a walk before conference. Love that boy.
I got these shoes at TJ MAXX for $20! 
Bauer and I posing. We are so cool. 
I made Andee this little lunch in between saturday sessions. It's a little bunny!
This weekend was great. It really was. On friday I went on a date with my parents to our favorite to El Chubasco (our favorite Mexican restaurant). They were so lucky to have me join them. haha. But the greatest part was picking Taylor up from the airport on saturday night on his way home from India. Two weeks and a day later I am happy to say that we both survived. Well almost. We spent the next 28 hours together... Bless our hearts. It was a long two weeks but it was worth it! He loved it.
Also this weekend was my favorite thing that comes every 6 months, General Conference. I seriously love those two weekends of the year. What better way to spend a weekend than sitting and snuggling listening to our church leaders. Seriously, so great. My mom made our traditional cinnamon rolls, which I regret to say that even though I am doing the Paleo Diet, I ate one. and I loved every single bite.
I hope that every one had a nice weekend! And Happy monday. It's snowing here today so thats cool. Thanks for reading! xx

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