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a vacation and a video

You guys drum roll please... Da dun na na, I am going to HAWAII! I am so beyond excited to go and visit my sister Jaime while she is living on the beach for a month. I am going in june so that is just enough time to get myself all prepared. I have been wanting to go to the beach for quite some time now, so this seriously seems like the perfect opportunity to do that. If I don't spend all of the money that I have right now on flights and food, I would love to go sailing. Another thing I have been wanting to do for forever! I can honestly hear the hawaiians telling me Aloha right now. I will be there so soon my hawaiian friends!!
I am a little excited, can't you tell? ;)

Also, I love this video so much. I am sure that almost any girl can relate to this video in some way. We see ourselves completely different than others see us. It is really sad that we tend to compare our weeknesses to other girls strengths. This video was really inspiring to me to not always look at what I don't like about myself, but to focus on the things i do like instead.

I hope everyone's week is going well! And if any of you have finals this week or next, good luck! I know that i'll need it...

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