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20 things.


1. I do not like hot water... oddly hot tubs are my favorite, it just takes me 10 minutes to inch my way in.

2. Although Peanut Butter is my favorite thing in the world, I haven't eaten it in 2 months because I am trying to be healthy! (That is some will power, especially for me)

3. I like to be in the airport, but once i was on a flight and there was turbulence and at that point i decided I would rather just crash because I was so scared. (a bit dramatic I know)

4. I hate feeling stress, especially over school and I hate it when people tell me they are stressing about their A-. I am just like "yo, an A- is perfectly acceptable, get over it."

5. I work out to One Direction.

6. I hate running but love it at the same time.

7. I have a fear of fish. Snorkeling freaks me out.

8. I am weirdly good at driving in reverse.

9. If I could go anywhere in the world tomorrow I would go to Prague. (My sister was there last week and said it is to die for.)

10. I want to travel and be so adventurous, but I can't even move 20 minutes away without coming home every other day. That is something I definitely need to work on.

11. I hate being put on the spot, especially in class. I am like "uhhh umm errr uhhh, what was the question?" Red in the face and all. no good.

12. Speaking of being red in the face, that is a frequent occurrence.

13. When I was in the fourth grade I came home every single day for six months and had my mom check my hair for lice. Even though I never had it, I didn't believe her and so she eventually would have to have the school nurse tell me i didn't have it. I was a fourth grader who was that worried about my hair...

14. I am 5'10" and sometimes i don't like stand next to short people when I wear high heels. Things just get awkward for both of us.

15. I can't hardly nap anymore because I feel like there is just too much that needs to get done in a day.

16. Sweet potato fries are my favorite things in the whole entire world.

17. I am really good at remebering peoples faces. Sometimes to a fault. Then I ask people how I know them and they have no idea. It's probably just because I helped them at BCBG or saw them at the grocery store.

18. I love swimming laps. I could do it all day.

19. I am 19.

20. I have always had a fear of getting in trouble. when I was in third grade I went to the restroom without telling the substitute and she told me she was going to call my mom. I cried so hard at recess. My mom wouldn't have been mad, i just cried because she said that in front of my whole class! Trauma. Also I hate when people honk at me or flip me off while driving, i take that stuff personally.


  1. You are so funny! love you

  2. You are so funny! love you

  3. I just found your blog and I love it. I have enjoyed reading your archives and k can I just say that I am soo incredibly envious that you live in Park City. Seriously I love it up there so much- definitely my favorite part of Utah.

    And hey twinners! I too am 19 and 5'10". :) How do you like being tall? I'm so so about it, I love that it stretches me out some but I hate that there seems to be so many cute guys who are like, 5'9" or 5'8". Oh and I also work out to One Direction, the best is working out to their music videos!

    Last thing and then I'll leave you alone. ha but have you tried natural PB? I know it's still not Paleo so that's maybe why you're avoiding it but in my opinion PB is super healthy just so long as it's the natural stuff. I understand differences of opinion though so it's ok if you disagree. :) I just had to say that because I too LOVE peanut butter and eat it every day.

    1. First of all thank you for your comment! I know, I feel pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful area! I like being tall. When i was younger, like 15 and 16, all of the boys were shorter than me and it was just really hard! I didn't like it, but then i went to high school and all of the boys grew up! Literally! My best guy friend was 6'7". It was awesome. And talking about PB, yum I love it! The only reason that i try not to eat it everyday now is because it is very high calorie. Don't get me wrong, I think it is very healthy (only the all natural kind) but I just try to limit my consumption! I love PB though. So much. Thank you for your comment! keep reading :) xo

    2. Oh ok I got you, ya it is super high-calorie darn it. Why does it seem like all the best foods are!? haha really though, it sucks. Ya I was the exact same about height-wise, Middle school was the worst because all of the guys were like 5'2" still and I would be like "Oh hey down there!" haha but it's definitely better now that they've grown up. Nice to meet you Karli! And I'll definitely be continuing reading your lovely blog.

  4. I know! I am in love with almond butter now. Like almond butter and Fuji apples are the best treat on this earth. Still high calorie, but what can ya do? Luckily the boys grow up right? But thank you for saying hi! It's nice to meet you too :)


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