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Mountain Girl.

I have lived in the mountains pretty much my entire life and I love it. I have always thought I would love living in the city, but no matter what, the mountains are where I belong. I love the coziness and the  lifestyle. I love that everyone here in Park City walks around in Lulu Lemon, even at the grocery store, and that the people here wear ski pants not just on the ski hill, but when it is cold. Everyday there are people biking or cross country skiing depending on the weather. It is really a whatever comfy/casual outfit you want to wear kind of place and I am all about that. Before I moved up here, I always wanted to look fancy and girly, but that changed when I came to school way over dressed only to realize that majority of the people here wore sweats and spandex. I would wear a skirt and people would be so confused. It was hard at first to let myself wear comfy things, but now that i have converted I love it!
But don't get me wrong... I still love to dress up when it is right, but when I find a cute and totally comfy outfit, I just have to share!
Annnddd a Selfie. You're welcome.
Oh and don't worry that I am still obsessed with my hat. I had a hard workout today and my hair was pretty sweaty... TMI? Sorry. but it was, and so naturally the hat was my go to.
xx Kar

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