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A Weekend in St. George


My family used to take little trips like this all of the time. There was a point where we would go down about every other weekend to visit grandparents while my parents rode their bikes for the St. George Ironman. Jaime has been in Ukraine for four months, and Rachel and Luke just moved back from Rexburg so even though i had to come back early, it reminded me of those days where everyone could leave school or work and just be together as a family. It is getting much harder to do little vacations like this one, and it just felt extra special. Especially since Taylor was able to come. It was so warm and beautiful and we couldn't have asked for better wearther. 
The water was freezing. Like beyond cold, so we were proud to have jumped off this little rock.
If it had been warmer, we would have swam to these rocks in the middle of the lake and jumped off,
but we didn't want anyone to get hypothermia. I jumped, can you believe it?
We put sunscreen on each other, but apparently we both kinda suck at it... It was worst than it looks. 
They're expecting! Baby Boy coming August 2013!

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