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it's the weekend you lovely people.


I hope everyone is having a good weekend! I am on day 6 of the paleo diet and i tell you what, it is life changing. I thought that I would be hungry all the time because all that i eat is vegetables, fruit, nuts and meat, but i feel great. I can already feel the difference in my body and I love it sooo much. Today I went to the festival of colors... remind me to never do that again. I don't like to get dirty.  I am pretty sure I told myself that i was never going to go again last time I went, but i did with my friend sara and Laura anyway. oooh... and I wore a turban because I did NOT want my hair to be dyed different colors and on our way there I had so many people like staring me down, it was so awkward!! I guess people have never seen a turban before? Or maybe mine just looked extra awkward? who knows. It saved my hair. Luckily. 


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