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Selfie Sunday


I'm back for what seems to be the weekly update! Today was a good happy day. Things are good when the church is in your life. Today I spoke in church and I was so nervous! I am never nervous until I sit on the stand and then in the last minute my head spins and I get a very dry mouth and I can't talk loud! It is just awful. But it was a good experience and hopefully i will be good for at least 6 months :)

I have been in a very adventurous mood lately. I am all about hiking and driving around and looking for adventures. I have a few fun adventures lined up for this week since I am on spring break. I am one of those cheesy people who likes to hike and watch the sunset so I am looking forward to doing that. I have found that if I make lists for what I want to do that week, it is easier to stick to a plan and then I don't get lazy and boring! It has really been working for me.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is ready for a new week! I know I am :)

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