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Paleo Life

You guys. This is for real. I am obsessed with my pastel pants. I can't get enough of them! Such a fall trend that i am so excited about. 
I have officially joined the band wagon and have started the Paleo diet, or the cave man diet. I am only on day two, but I am already sick of vegetables! I can already fill the difference in my body though. I thought I would be hungry all the time, but it is just the opposite. I fill content all throughout the day. (My break down part of the day is 10:30, that is when i nanny, and have my most boring class). I am so excited about it though. I have eaten so many new healthy foods in just two days. Example of what i eat: spaghetti squash as my spaghetti noodles, with veggies on the side and some beef, almond and apple sauce pancakes (could take some getting used to), almond butter and celery and apples and bananas and whatever else you can think of, and lots, and lots, and lots of spinach and kale shakes. I am hoping to go the next two weeks and so I can get used to it, so when taylor comes home I am not tempted to eat ice cream or chocolate, and so that i can keep going! It really takes a lot of preparation between planning, grocery shopping, cooking, but i know the results will be worth it!! 
I know i called it a diet, but i guess i should call it more of a life style change. I already wasn't eating gluten and dairy so I figured it could just go all the way and stay away from all grains and dairy in general! 
anyway, I hope that your week is going well. Thank you for reading my blog! 


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