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kind of like a fashion post

I have two loves right now. Camouflage, and baseball hats. Today I was feeling more comfy casual as i shopped the boutiques on main street. Funny how I made it to Main Street in Park City more when I didn't live here. I hadn't been in months so I decided it was time to go. I was so excited when I found the camo and baseball hat altogether in one. It was a good shopping day. Usually i am very opposed to anything that has a logo, but when I found this in the boys section I couldn't turn it down. I almost bought one with a fish on it... thank heavens I found this one instead.

My favorite stores on main: Prospect and Flight Boutique. I usually try to stay away from them because they are very expensive, but I have actually been finding some good deals over the past two times I have been.


  1. thanks lady, also thank you for being my only follower. Love you

  2. haha I love you Bron!! Thanks girl :) thanks for commenting!


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