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happy easter!


And today my shirt has cats on it. (on sale at Urban Oufitters!)
Happy Easter everyone! I am so incredibly happy that today is warm and that it actually feels like spring. Seriously! I  couldn't have asked for a warmer Easter Sunday. I had an unknown call today with a crazy amount of digits and i missed it because i was sitting in sunday school, turns out it was taylor all the way in India! he left a message and i cried because I missed it. I am so sad about that. It was such a good easter surprise, but i still can't believe i didn't answer! He said he would call me back later so I am crossing my fingers. 
 The best part about living with my family is that I still get to have easter egg hunts in the morning before church. (also the perks of having an eight year old sister) I am feeling extra blessed today to be surrounded by the people I love. Although we are missing our sister jaime who is either in Prague, Austria, Hungary, or Ukraine today. But lots of love to you JG! also sending lots of easter wishes to my friends who seem to be all over the world today! Chile, India, Peru, Nicaragua. I am so grateful for the Gospel in my life. especially for my savior. I hope everyone feels extra love today. Thank you thank you for reading my blog. I love love love that you do. Happy easter to you.


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