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What a day!

First things first. . . I made student concil for next year! It is going to be such a great year and all of my good friends are going to be on it with me! That was one big stress reliever!
After that i had skating. It was just another normal day at the rink, but i was falling a lot. I guess that means that i am trying harder?

Tonight our school did a fundraiser dance for Japan. Zo, me and Lize made some sweet shirts to support those in Japan. We sure did some awesome hair-ography during the DP. ( I think I whipped my hair a little to hard though.)

Our Dancing for Japan shirts. We wouldn't have taken the picture in a mirror,
but no one was home to take it for us so we had no other choice. . .

Lizas has Japanese Cherry Blossoms on it. Zozo's is just legit. . . and mine, just a red circle.

Of course the night doesn't end just because the dance does. The party goes on! We went to Yogurtland after with Jake and Kyle. Hil and I shared a Red Velvet and Cheesecake Ice cream, with cookie dough and brownie bits. SOOO yum!

Hil and I love the biodegradable spoons..

Such a great day! I am just happy that the stress is gone!

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