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I did ballet for the longest time, after 8 years, I decided it was time for me to make a decision on whether or not to pursue it. It came to the point(e)punny... haha.) where plies and pirouettes didn't really sound as fun anymore. It was such a time consuming event in my life that i decided to take a break. I really did love it but i was just so worn out.

Once i decided to quit (I hate that word), I started going to yoga which I love! but, I have found my absolute passion. ice skating. I am kind of-sort of a beginner but I feel that because I am so in LOVE with it, it is so much easier for me to learn. I have such a great coach. She has taught me so much!

This weekend I went to the Adjustment Bureau with Hil and Jake. I loved the main girl in it, Emily Blunt. Her character was a dancer. I don't know if she is a real dancer or not but i think that she did a great job. It really made me miss ballet so much. If my skating wasn't so time consuming, I would definitely get back into it.

dancing in the movie

Emily Blunt

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