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Hari Krishna!


 On Saturday my mom and I went prom dress shopping. I was so lucky that they had the dress that i wanted and it was my size! It worked out pretty great. So I am now set with a dress.

After shopping, I met up with my friends (Hil, Zo, Jake and Kyle) who had waited for me forever to finish shopping. We headed to the Festival of Colors. So crazy there! It was kind of gross because it had rained and everything was muddy and chalky. I was wearing some sandals because I wore them shopping and they were the only shoes I had, I was basically walking through the mud bare foot! soo Gross! Other than that, we really did have such a fun time! Such a fun experience and a great place to people watch! ( The red chalk stained my blond hair... kinda upset, but at the same time, kinda cool looking.) It is definitely something you have to experience at least once in your life!

A few photos:

So many people!

The crew before

and after.

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