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Washington D.C!

 I loved Washington D.C! Last week I went to D.C with a few people from my school. We went to learn more about the government and all of the historical sites. I fell in love with the east! (not that i wasn't in love already) We went on tours and went to a few of the museums there. We went through the White House and went to all the monuments as well. It was such a great experience! My favorite part of all was Georgetown! We went to Georgetown Cupcakes (d.c. cupcakes the tlc show) and they were so delicious! The houses there were so cute! I could absolutely live in that town. Who knows... maybe i will!

starting off on our trip :)

Rex from Night at the Museum.

 d.c cupcakes!
The coolest girls ever, zo and liza

I LOVED D.C and everything about it.

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