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I had to post that selfie of him because that is the first mirror selfie he has ever taken and I was so proud.
Sometimes I have so much I want to say, but then I decide I better not say anything because you will all think I am the crazy missionary who cries at any thing. I will let you decide if that is who I am. I wish I was stronger. I really do. It is hard knowing who you want to marry and having him be no where in sight! Oh gosh. Enough about that.
Anywho people, I am on a roller coaster of feeling good, then I feel sick the next day. (I am referring to my auto immune disease btw...) but it is incredibly hard and honestly str8 up exhausting. Time to figure this shi* out.
I promise I don't really have a potty mouth, but there really are times where it helps the situation...
I am loving this fall weather!! But I am not ready for winter... Let it be fall forever so I can always burn my "Marshmallow Fireside" candle I bought. I can't stop talking about how good it smells .
Is it really October?
I like October.

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