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LDS Conference Weekend


Am I a mom or no? 

Mr. Moose at the house I nanny for. 
More baby selfies. I apologize. Also for all the pics I post when they are actually my babies. 
It was Laura's birthday on friday. My parents got her and her friends a condo in Deer Valley for the night. I was planning on staying up there with them, but then my cousin Maegan came down from Canada, and we decided we wanted to go to the Neon Trees concert in Provo. It was such a blast. We pushed our way all the way to the front. People were really annoyed with us but we didn't care because we were having too much fun. 
We also went to the saturday morning General Conference session. It was so fun to get together with some old friends. We also did a little shopping. We actually stayed in SLC all day. We ended up going to Alamexo for dinner, and let me just say I don't really understand what all of the fuss is about... In my opinion it was just overpriced Mexican food. $10 for Guacamole? Who honestly wants to spend that? Anyway... I had a great weekend and I thank Maegan for bringing me out of my comfort zone. I hope you all had a beautiful General Conference fall weekend!!

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