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Rainy (MoMA inspired)


Me in my Nikes. Classy right? 
Have you guys ever heard of the #momarainroom? Well it was this amazing exhibit in NYC at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). This exhibit was designed to have the guests walk into the rain room where it is actually raining somehow, but wherever the person stepped, it stopped raining! How amazing is that? So you would be in a room where it was raining everywhere but where you were standing. I was so intrigued by this and so I wanted to do a MoMA Rain Room inspired shoot! It was actually a lot colder than we thought, but I prayed for the rain so I could snap pics in it :) Amy my roommate and I had a blast playing in the rain for an evening ;) Look up the exhibit... You'll love it!


  1. so cool! i hope they do it again! that would be an awesome exhibit to see.
    these photos are too cool.
    some girl - a diary.

    1. Seriously! I wish that I went last summer. It would have been amazing to see! All I saw were the pictures. And they were amazing!!


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