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strawberries are on my mind.

The pretty windows at the field house where I spend all my extra time. 
I feel like I have a lot of thoughts on my mind right now. There is so much good change in my life right now. Too much to even list off. But I am feeling so deeply blessed. Things were hard in the winter, as I am sure it was for maybe a lot of you, but the sun is shining, and now I am feeling like things are falling into place. I am so happy about it. And I am loving my hair. Even with the comments of people telling me they liked my blonde better or whatever else they say. I don't care because I love it, and I'm proud I was brave enough to do it.
I am exhausted. I have been doing photoshoot after photoshoot for my photo class. No time for rest. Well when I do have time to rest I go to the gym to get trained to be a hot fit lady. I have spent 8.5 hours at the gym in the last three days. So IDK if I should admit that, but I love it and I feel good. I'll be taking the day off (except for yoga) tomorrow to recover so that will be much needed.
I have a lot of photoshoots to share so come back soon!! I love photography!
I hope everyone is happy. Happiness is good.


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