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I have red hair! (well strawberry blonde)

I love my sisters. 
Sisters cabin. And look, the Easter Bunny Came!!!!
Sisters, Hopefully we will no longer be mistaken for twins. 
Sending a postcard to my cute BFF in Wisconsin
These are just a few pics I had on my phone. I DYED MY HAIR RED!!! I have been a blondie all of my life, and over the winter I just HATED my hair! I never wanted to do it or anything, so I decided to do something bold and dye it!! I was so proud. I have never done anything like that in my life! I still wonder who that girl is sometimes when I walk by a mirror, but I love it. It will be this way for a while. I'm a red head. And I love it.
Who knows what T man will think. ;)

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  1. oh my gosh! how cute is your sister's cabin?! i need one of those!!!!!
    some girl - a diary.


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